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Click: Essex's crowdfunding platform

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Click, Essex's crowdfunding platform is open for students, staff and alumni to put forward big ideas and projects for crowdfunding.

If you have an amazing idea or an exciting project in mind, and you need funding to help it take off, then help is just a click away.

Click Crowdfunding have created a new stream of match funding for students who are interested in starting a business or theatre company. We will match up to £500 for a business start-up and up to £1,000 for a theatre project.

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It's the leading crowdfunding platform in UK Higher Education with a 97% success rate.
It’s free - We cover all fees and costs for you so that you can get 100% of your pledges.
We will match your funds – for every £1 raised, we will give you £1 (up to a maximum £250).
We're here to support you – from creating a pitch video to preparing a marketing plan.
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There’s a range of support you can access at each stage of the process to help you develop your project, craft your campaign, build your crowd and turn your idea into a reality.

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