Why study a postgraduate qualification?

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Take your career to the next level

Whether you’re still completing your degree, or you are part way through your career, post graduate study can be a good choice for your personal development, increased earning potential and becoming an expert in your chosen field.

Improve your knowledge

student looking for book in library Studying at postgraduate level is all about deepening your knowledge in an area that you’re passionate about. Dedicating time to mastering a topic dear to your heart can be a very rewarding and enriching experience and bring lasting personal fulfilment.

At Essex we offer a range of full time and part-time courses at taught master’s level with start dates in both January and October. Everyone's circumstances are different, so having the flexibility of a January start may be better for you. Browse our subjects to find out more. If you want to take your passion further and embark on a PhD, check out our research pages for more details.

Improve your employability

Having a postgraduate qualification will boost your CV and help you stand out in an increasingly competitive employment market. In addition to gaining specialist knowledge, you will develop a range of transferable skills at a high level of excellence which will be attractive to employers.

Planning your study time, scheduling the research for your dissertation, and working on your organisational and time management skills will all help to enhance your employability. At Essex, we have offer a full range of careers support to help you take your career to the next level.

Learn independently

person working with laptop and cat The freedom that comes with postgraduate study allows you to focus on a very specific area and develop ideas that may contribute to your chosen field. Building on the organisational skills developed during your degree or working life, you’ll have the flexibility to learn in a more independent way while still getting that crucial academic support. 

At Essex we have a range of academic skills resources and guidance for postgraduate students.

Gain professional experience

Students on a work placement Some postgraduate courses include a work placement where you can gain valuable practical experience and develop a network in your chosen industry. 

At Essex, some of our masters degrees offer professional placements with an external organisation which will add value and give you a chance to put your academic knowledge into practice.


Change your career direction

Two people holding a protractor against a bent knee, measuring the angle of the bend. You may have been working for a number of years in a particular career and you now fancy a change of direction. A postgraduate qualification can be a great way to explore a subject you’re particularly interested in and chart a new path to a more rewarding profession.

Browse our subjects to find out more about the range of courses we offer at postgraduate level.


Contribute to your chosen field

A woman with blonde hair wearing a blue EEG cap, with someone to the right attaching a small sensor to her cheek. If you’ve found that one true passion in life, you want to make a real difference in your field and you love the process of developing new ideas, you may want to consider a PhD.  A postgraduate research degree is an opportunity to dive in deep to a particular subject, contribute to innovation, and work with industry experts. 

At Essex, we have academics with an incredible range of expertise who can supervise your research, mentor you and connect you with a global network of industry professionals. You can explore our research areas by subject or supervisor. 


Take your career up a notch

Business student looking confidently upwards with bar chart and arrows illustrating business growth You may be mid-way through your career and feel that you want to take time out to enhance your knowledge and move up to another level in your existing field. Investing your time and financial resources to study at postgraduate level demonstrates a high degree of commitment to your personal development and career progression. 

Some careers require professional accreditation or certification, which a postgraduate qualification can offer. 90% of Essex postgraduate graduates are in highly skilled employment (Graduate outcomes 2023). You can find details of the professional bodies associated with different subjects on our department pages

Improve your salary potential

money growing Studies have shown that on average, those with postgraduate degrees earn higher salaries. According to 2022 graduate labour market statistics  postgraduates earn, on average, around £6,500 more than graduates and £18,000 more than non-graduates.

What are you waiting for? Elevate your earning power and explore a postgraduate qualification at Essex.

Support for your postgraduate study at Essex

If you’re an Essex graduate or an existing Essex student considering your next move, there are a whole bunch of reasons why continuing your education at Essex is a great move including our fast-track application process and an Alumni discount of up to 33%. Find out more on our progression to postgraduate page.

For those who haven’t studied for some time, Essex offers a Masters Preparation Programme to provide you with the academic skills needed to succeed at that level.