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Dive into postgraduate study with a prospectus

Starting a Masters course or a research degree isn't a decision you'll make lightly and it's vital to have as much information as possible. If you live in the UK, our Postgraduate Prospectus is a great starting point if you want to discover more about living and learning at Essex. So what are you waiting for? Order a prospectus pack today and we'll post a copy to you in a few days.

We also have a Digital Prospectus where you'll be able to customise your prospectus experience online and find out more about the things you're most interested in. You can then save and share your prospectus with friends and family too. If you're just starting your journey into researching universities, this is a perfect way to discover Essex in an easy and quick way.

Image of a Postgraduate Prospectus 2024 on top of other prospectuses
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Our Postgraduate Prospectus is much more than just a list of courses. If you live in the UK, order one today and you'll receive a copy through the post soon.

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You can also get loads more information about studying a postgraduate degree at Essex by checking our East 15 Acting School Prospectus or International Prospectus.

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Customise your own Digital Prospectus

If you want to streamline your application journey with us, try using our Digital Prospectus. Here, you can select the information that's relevant to you such as courses or accommodation. You can also save your personalised prospectus and share it with you friends, family and teachers.

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