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Masters with professional work placements

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Gain a competitive edge

Do you have lots of ideas that you can’t wait to put into practice? 

We’re giving you a unique opportunity to gain professional work experience within an external business or organisation of your choice, as part of a two-year Masters degree at Essex. 

You can choose from four of our carefully selected Masters with Professional Placements courses listed below. Each course is an opportunity to put taught skills into practice and develop a network of industry professionals. Your placement is a sought-after contribution to your employability, giving you the tools employers look for in skilled graduates.

If you're interested in a degree with real-world practical value and you’d like to apply your academic knowledge to a working environment, then this is the course for you.

Professional placements will give you a fresh perspective of the world and your subject.

You could...
  • Build relationships with key contacts in the industry you’re studying.
  • Develop your skills through real work placements.
  • Gain a competitive edge by combining theory and practice with real industry experience.

How does it work?

We’re offering two year postgraduate courses with an integrated professional work placement module in the second year. These courses are available to UK, EU and international students. The placement module will take place after the taught portion of your programme in year one and assessed as part of the course.

The courses are marked on the results of your written examinations, together with continual assessments of your practical work and coursework.

We'll assign you to an Academic Supervisor within your chosen department and a Placement Supervisor. Both of your supervisors will have regular contact with you throughout the work placement to make sure you get the most development from it.

How much does it cost?

Visit our course pages to learn what the fees for the professional placement are, as this may vary from course to course. Fees will also increase for each academic year of study.

How do I find a placement?

We will offer you support in finding and applying for a work placement, but you will be responsible for securing one. You should be aware that masters with placement courses are rare at universities in the UK so it can be hard to find a suitable placement.

We recommend that you look at what types of placements are available from employers before you accept a place on our course.

If you’re unable to secure a placement or change your mind about doing one, you can start your dissertation earlier and complete your Masters in your first year.

International students

If you an international student, you will also need to consider your Tier 4 visa and any restrictions you may have which would stop you undertaking full time work. Brexit and other external political conditions may also make it harder for international students to secure a placement. 



What are the benefits?

  • The opportunity to bridge the gap between academic preparation and the demands of a real work environment
  • Integration with an industry placement will give you the knowledge, skills and practice which will mark you out as a highly desirable candidate with prospective employers
  • You'll be able to meet and build relationships with key contacts within the industry and work alongside highly experienced professionals
  • Regular meetings with your Departmental Academic Supervisor and Placement Supervisor will help you gain the most from your placement
  • Enhance your understanding of the job market by finding the key drivers within organisations that can effect decision making and advancement as an employee
  • Support to develop a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) to help you to apply for work placement interviews with employers
  • Your placement work log will provide evidence to note the challenges you face and the problems you solve in a work based environment

Example course structure

The structure of the course will include the taught modules of your chosen MA in the first year, followed by the work placement module in the second. The dissertation module will be at the end of year two. 

If you change your mind and decide not to do your placement in the second year, you can start your dissertation early and complete the Masters in the first year.




Taught modules - 120 credits


Placement module - 120 credits

Dissertation - 50 credits


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