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Get career ready

Our student career services will help you prepare and give you the tools to get ahead. Whether you need guidance on your career path, help brushing up your CV or the chance to practice your interview technique, Essex has everything you need for exploring your options after university. 

At Essex, we make sure you stand out in a competitive job market

We know its not easy to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.  But don't worry! At Essex, we have a great team of professional careers advisers who can support you through your journey, as you develop your passions and sharpen your focus. Whatever choices you make in life, having a firm foundation of skills and knowledge around career planning, finding a job, networking and understanding your own motivations will give you a head start.

Our careers service can offer you a wealth of support and our career-focused modules across a range of subjects will set you up for success.

How we can help you

Careers Events

We offer free events throughout the year to help you prepare for the global job market and to meet potential employers. We have previously run CV workshops, subject specific career sessions such as 'Careers in Psychology', alternative job search workshops, and fairs for you to meet local businesses and discuss opportunities with employers.

Advice and guidance

Applying for jobs isn't a walk in the park, but if you make the most of the support and guidance on offer, you'll be ready to commence your job hunt. From the moment you join us at Essex, you will have access to our Careers Service throughout your entire career even after you graduate. They're extremely supportive and understanding, and appreciate that everyone they meet are at different stages when it comes to thinking about their future.

Our services include

  • One-to-one careers advice
  • Support finding placements and internships
  • Workshops on employability skills
  • Careers fairs
  • Support for budding entrepreneurs on how to start your own business
  • Support in looking for and securing a job


Develop a career plan

Our career advice professionals can help you explore different career paths and talk through the range of skills you can work on while at university to help give you that edge. They can help you build a career plan based on the following:

  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to access the opportunities out there
  • Creating an action plan
  • Matching yourself to opportunities

And if you need further inspiration, they will provide a number of resources that can help spark further ideas.

Find a job 

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, our Careers Service can help you in your job search. The first step is knowing where to look and we have a range of resources to get you started, including if you want to look for paid jobs while studying.  If you want to know more about jobs on campus, check out our Earn while you learn page.

Our service also includes offering international students advice on employment regulations in the UK and guidance on working or volunteering abroad.

CV and interview support

At Essex, we will prepare you for success in both finding and securing a job. Our Careers team can provide you with the skills that will leave you brimming with confidence when applying for a job you really want. We can help you turbo-boost your CV to stand above the rest and walk into the interview fully prepared and knowing what to expect.

  • We offer CV support workshops, and templates and example CVs to help you sell yourself and your skills in the best possible way to potential employers
  • We offer tips in how to structure, format and write cover letters and how to perfect your language and tone of voice to best present your communication skills
  • We can help guide you through job applications
  • We can prepare you for interview through example questions, advice across a range of different interview types including Zoom and face-to-face
  • We can help you prepare for psychometric tests and assessments so that you know what to expect

Identify your talents and maximise your potential

Our Skills for Success team and Careers Services Team will help you identify and improve your talents and strengths. We will:

  • Provide support and resources to improve your writing and study skills.
  • Provide free academic English classes for students with English as an additional language.
  • Offer support for you to improve your mathematics, statistics, numeracy and problem-solving skills.
  • Help you to develop your digital skills and learn to be effective online when you're studying, researching and networking, as well as ensuring that you are ready for the workplace.
  • Provide one-to-one sessions to discuss your future career ambition.
  • Provide opportunities to meet and receive mentoring from employers.
  • Run the Chart my Path and The Big Essex Award - your chance to record your work experience and extra-curricular activities on your degree transcript.
  • Help to support you in starting your own business with advice, workshops and tips with Essex Startups.

Industry network building 

Our leading academic staff are industry active. This means that as you study, you will have the opportunity to seek hands-on experience through work placements whilst growing your own network in your area of interest.

Modules dedicated to supporting your career

A lot of our degrees include compulsory career modules each year of study. This means you will have dedicated time spent on preparing you for a future career, and the opportunity to consider how your new academic skills will be useful in the world of work. 

3 students working at Essex Business School
The Careers Service helped me take the Myers Briggs personality test which gave me more confidence in pursuing my field and helped me understand the timeline of applying for jobs, the correct techniques to write a cover letter, and the importance of networking within the UK.
Vatsal Chandra Essex MBA graduate

Career Mentoring Programme

Want some inspiration to explore different options? Need some advice from someone who has gone before, who can spare some time to share what they learned along the way? Our Essex mentors are there to offer the benefit of their experience and guide you to develop the skills you need to make decisions that are right for you. Further details of how you can apply to the programme can be found on our Essex Career Mentoring Programme page.



Take your degree further

Every student arrives at Essex with spirit and determination to succeed. But, once you graduate you need to know you are set for great things. At Essex we prepare you for what happens next, we give you the support to find the career that's right for you and help you build your CV so you are ready for your next challenge. There are options available for students with immigration permission who wish to work in the UK following the successful completion of their studies at Essex. 

Careers advisor helping a student
Careers and employability 

We aren't just here to help you find a job whilst you're studying, we'll also help get you get on the career ladder, find that dream job and develop your skills and knowledge. And it won't all stop once you graduate, we'll always be on hand even after you've left Essex.