University Strategy 2019-28

1.2 Supporting and celebrating people for their contributions to transformational education

Male student using interactive whiteboard

1.2.1 Our commitment to transformational education for every student, regardless of background, is realised through the care, skill and commitment of our community of talented people. Our people are dedicated to student success, recognise the power of transformational education, view talent as a starting point for future potential, value inclusion and are responsive to the needs and aspirations of our diverse student population.

1.2.2 Every member of Essex staff contributes to our mission of excellence in education, through their contributions to student learning, student experience and by creating and sustaining the environments in which transformational education flourishes. Our staff will be supported to develop and apply their skills, professional knowledge and expertise to educate and enable every student to realise their full potential, and to nurture and sustain the environments that enable transformational education.

1.2.3 Through collaborative networks and communities of staff and students, we will support our staff to work together across departments and sections, and - with our students and external partners - to ensure that an Essex education meets our students’ needs and aspirations, preparing them for their future lives, future careers and future learning.