University Strategy 2019-28

1.3 Supporting and celebrating people for their contributions to transformational research

A woman wearing an EEG cap is looking directly at the camera, while a second person mostly out of shot on the right attaches a sensor to her face.

1.3.1 Our commitment to transformational research is realised through the care, skill and commitment of our community of talented people. Our staff and students are dedicated to asking difficult questions, challenging received wisdom, conducting ambitious, innovative and significant research that addresses contemporary and emerging challenges, and applying knowledge and ideas for the benefit of individuals, communities and society.

1.3.2 Every member of our community contributes to our mission of excellence in research, through the creation, application and communication of knowledge, ideas and innovations and by creating and sustaining the environments in which transformational research flourishes.

1.3.3 Our people will be equipped with the capabilities to realise their own Essex Spirit as active, empathetic, entrepreneurial and engaged global citizens. Our staff will be supported to develop and apply their skills, professional knowledge and expertise, to realise their full potential as researchers and to nurture the environments that enable transformational research. Through collaborative networks and communities of staff, students and partners, we will support research at the growing points of knowledge, meet the needs of our time, and harness our collective power as a community that drives innovation, creativity and enterprise internationally, nationally and in our region.