University Strategy 2019-28

1.1 Supporting and celebrating student success

1.1.1 Supporting students to achieve success is at the heart of our mission. Our students are a diverse community of committed, engaged learners. We are committed to supporting every student to realise their personal ambitions, transform their lives and use their Essex education for the benefit of people and communities. Our students are active members of our University communities, taking responsibility for their own learning and helping to shape our living and learning communities, in partnership with each other and with staff who are responsive to their needs and aspirations.

1.1.2 Student success will remain at the heart of our mission, as we support our students to discover and define their own ‘Essex Spirit’ within our living and learning community, supported by committed partnerships between the University, the Students’ Union and external partner organisations.

1.1.3 Essex graduates are members of the University for life. We cherish and celebrate the impact of our graduates and their Essex Spirit on our global community. We welcome the contributions that our graduates make to shaping the life and future of the University, supporting the advancement of University and helping current and future generations of Essex students to realise their full potential and fulfil their own Essex Spirit.