1. Offer every student a transformational education, empowering them to discover and develop their own Essex Spirit, to achieve their potential, to improve their own lives and, through social and community engagement and action, to find solutions to societal and environmental problems for the benefit of people and communities.
  2. Seek out input and ideas from our students to enable them, in partnership with staff who are responsive to their needs and aspirations, to help shape our living and learning communities and contribute to the University’s decision making processes.
  3. Recognise and celebrate the contributions of every member of staff to the achievement of transformational education and research and to sustaining the environments in which these can flourish.
  4. Promote and facilitate formal and informal learning across all sections and departments of the University, and support all colleagues in their roles as educators working within and across teams.
  5. Nurture and promote our commitment to research-led education and the development of a research mind-set for undergraduate and postgraduate students, for staff researchers and through our practices of research and data-informed decision-making across all departments and sections of the University.
  6. Ensure that every member of staff is supported, through induction and ongoing professional development, to be inspirational, inclusive and innovative, to define their own professional paths, plan their career goals, identify and address learning needs and opportunities, build and develop skills and knowledge, maintain rigorous professional standards, navigate moments of transition and share good practice across the University. 
  7. Listen to, support and develop each other, responding to employee voices, building our staff community through practices of coaching and mentoring, recognising the connection between rest, creativity and wellbeing and helping our community to manage their physical and mental wellbeing through healthy working lifestyles. 
  8. Support an inclusive working environment which recognises and harnesses the contribution of every member of the University, through inclusive policies and processes that put people at the centre and also by our behaviours, which will promote an environment where people learn from others and are supported through effective processes and partnership to take decisions on behalf of the organisation. 
  9. Establish a flexible, digitally fluent working culture which leads to self-managed time with a focus on outcomes over input, fluid boundaries between teams and a culture of collaborative problem solving. 
  10. Support our graduates to realise their personal ambitions, supporting them through the multiple transitions of their future careers, future learning and future lives and celebrating the impact of their Essex Spirit through agency, activism, advocacy, entrepreneurship, service to our communities and their commitment to social action.