Global Essex

Essex across the world

A truly global outlook




As a leading University with a truly global outlook, working in partnership with international institutions is central to our strategic aims. 

We engage and collaborate with organisations, groups and individuals through educational, research and partnership opportunities, from study abroad to partnership agreements, and from research collaboration to our alumni networks. We also run a thriving network of regional offices to attract students to our campuses.

We encourage all our students to develop their own global outlook, and our academic staff to form global collaborations and share knowledge, upholding our values of excellence in education and excellence in research. 


Vice-Chancellor's visits

Throughout 2016 and 2017 our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anthony Forster, has been visiting higher education institutions to form new partnerships and strengthen existing links with Essex, and celebrating our graduates' achievements.  

"We are really lucky to have developed strong links with businesses and universities in China over the last year who are keen to work with the University of Essex."

Incoming delegations

We invite delegations to visit us for multifaceted strategic fact-finding trips, knowledge-sharing, working in partnership with Essex County Council. 

Sharing best practice

Our professional services employees also share good practice with colleagues in partner institutions. Academic staff can visit partner institutions through Erasmus+

EU projects

Backed by EU funding we are engaged on an ongoing basis in supporting capacity-building activity for institutions in other areas including the Caucusus, Russia and Israel; in the interests of sharing our knowledge and improving learning outcomes for other international institutions.