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Global Engagement

A truly global outlook

At Essex we’re engaged with the world. We host incoming delegations, build bridges and form partnerships with overseas institutions, share our knowledge and help other institutions build their capacity. 

We invite delegations to visit us for strategic fact-finding trips and knowledge-sharing. We also work in partnership with Essex County Council to link with international partners. Our professional services employees also share good practice with colleagues in partner institutions.

Embracing the globe
  • We value working with others so that together we can do things better, and do better things: we have links with 320 institutions around the world.
  • We have 14 international academic partnerships with global institutions in China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and Singapore, and 120 friendship and progression agreements around the world.
  • We believe that working in partnership is the key to the improvement of humanity and society through the transformational opportunities we jointly create for students.

Sharing knowledge

Every other year, a delegation of our professional services staff visits the University of Konstanz for knowledge-sharing and networking. Academic staff can visit partner institutions through Erasmus+. In 2018 our Essex Abroad team is also hosting 50 senior staff from partner universities for a training and development week, focused on Mainstreaming Internationalisation for the New Age.

We are a university that is always looking to make a difference to the lives of others and we are always looking for like-minded organisations to partner with us on this journey.

Building capacity

Backed by current EU funding we are engaged in supporting capacity-building activity for institutions in other areas, including Russia, Israel and the Caucuses. For example, our Head of Employability has been working with a network of Georgian universities to help set up careers services. This type of activity is in the interests of sharing our knowledge and improving learning outcomes for other international institutions.

Boosting prosperity

We were one of the first UK universities to join the Santander Universities initiative, that was created in 1996 by Banco Santander’s late Chairman Emilio Botin – with the aim of bringing together the bank’s corporate social responsibility activities. The network began in Spain and now engages more than 20 countries including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Portugal with almost 1,200 university partners network in 2007, and today is has 83 UK members.

Since joining, we have received more than £1.3m in support which has helped us to support 120 Masters Scholarships, 200 internships and more than 150 travel grants. In March 2018 we signed a new three-year partnership with Santander Universities which will continue to support our students through a range of scholarship and enterprising opportunities.

“I am really inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of students at the University of Essex. We’re delighted to be supporting such an important initiative that recognises the importance of encouraging these young business leaders; nurturing the next generation to dare to invent, innovate, create and be entrepreneurial.”such as the University of Essex, to help Santander UK be better and ready for the future as well.” 
Matt Hutnall Head of Santander Universities UK

Vice-Chancellor's visits

Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anthony Forster, makes regular visits to higher education institutions to form new partnerships, strengthen existing links with Essex, and celebrate our graduates' achievements. 

International visits to Essex

At Essex, we regularly welcome high delegations and partner universities from all over the world. These visits allow us to connect with like-minded institutions, exchange ideas as well as explore opportunities for research and academic collaborations.  

2018 visits

University of Konstanz, Germany – March 2018
In March 2018, we welcomed a large group from University of Konstanz, Germany as part of our annual Essex-Konstanz staff week. Visitors met with 100 Essex staff to find out more about our work and share experiences. Konstanz is one of our partner universities and a fellow member of the Young European Research Universities. This trip was partially funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

University of Adelaide, Australia – March 2018
Professor Susan Oakley, Head of Department of Social Science at the University of Adelaide visited Essex to explore research and education collaborations, discuss joint PhD opportunities and discuss our student exchange agreement. The University of Adelaide is a partner university of Essex and a study abroad destination for our students.

University of Swaziland and Royal Science & Technology Park, Swaziland – February 2018
Six delegates from the University of Swaziland and the Royal Science and Technology Park, Swaziland visited to explore and progress the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between our institutions, and we spent time identifying join research, teaching and learning collaborations, including in the area of  computer science. The visit included a your of the Knowledge Gateway and the innovation lab.

VIT University, India – January 2018
Five delegates from Vellore Institute of Technology, India visited Essex in January. Delegates included Dr G Viswanathan, Founder and Chancellor. The visit included discussions about faculty and student exchanges, and establishing a formal partnership in research and teaching between Essex and VIT University.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China – January 2018
Yi (Vicky) Zhang of the International Office of Shanghai Jiao Tong University spend two weeks at Essex on a visit sponsored by Banco Santander’s FIMP fellowships. During her time at Essex, she shared experience in the management of international activities across the University.

Kobe University, Japan – January 2018
Four delegates from Kobe University, Japan visited the Department of Economics at Essex to continue discussions focusing on data science. 

2017 visits

Lingnan University, Hong Kong – November 2017
Professor Joshua Nok Ka Ho, Vice President International visited Essex to discuss current and future collaborations between Lingnan University and University of Essex.

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics - November 2017
Four delegates from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China visited and signed a new agreement to offer Jiangxi students progression onto Essex courses and the delegation had constructive meetings with Essex Business School to discuss current and future collaborative schemes and initiatives. 

Xihua University, China – October 2017
Delegates from Xihua University visited Essex to consolidate the current relationship with discussions of establishing further opportunities in research collaboration within additional departments.

Waseda University, Japan – October 2017
We welcomed Etsushi Tanifuji , Professor of School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, to Essex to discuss current and future collaboration plans.

Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK SAR – September 2017
Mayra Lau, from the Office for Academic Links visited Essex in September. The Chinese University of Hong Kong is a partner university of Essex and a study abroad destination for our students.

RMIT Vietnam, Vietnam – September 2017
We welcomed three delegates from the International Office of RMIT Vietnam to Essex, who met with Essex Abroad staff and discussed many areas of international student mobility. RMIT Vietnam is a partner university of Essex and a study abroad destination for our students. This visit was funded by Erasmus+.

University of Adelaide, Australia – July 2017
Professor Susan Oakley, Head of the Department of Social Science at the University of Adelaide, visited Essex to explore opportunities for further collaborations in research and education as well as to discuss the status of our exchange agreement. The University of Adelaide is a partner university of Essex and a study abroad destination for our students.

Yangzhou Municipal Government, China – June 2017
In June 2017, Essex welcomed delegates from the Yangzhou Municipal Government in China. During their visit, potentially cooperation opportunities between Yangzhou Municipal Government and University of Essex were discussed as well exploring opportunities to support student employability through employment after graduation.

Clarkson University, USA – April 2017
Kathryn Johnson, Vice President for International Relations at Clarkson University, visited Essex to explore potential opportunities for collaborations in research and student exchange.

Request a visit to Essex 

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EU projects

Backed by EU funding we are engaged on an ongoing basis in supporting capacity-building activity for institutions in other areas including the Caucusus, Russia and Israel; in the interests of sharing our knowledge and improving learning outcomes for other international institutions.

"We enjoy working with universities and organisations around the world who, like us, are always striving to achieve excellence in education and excellence in research. If you want to help us make a difference in the world, get in touch."