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Worldwide team, local knowledge 

We have a network of offices that supports our aims to recruit students to our University to pursue a truly transformational education. 

Having specialist, in-country expertise enables us to grow our networks and local knowledge.

Across all five international locations our teams recruit new international students to our campuses, forge partnerships and networks, host alumni and stakeholder events, and develop our local knowledge to enrich our students' experience.

We also have Essex-based teams with country expertise for recruiting students from European countries, the Americas and Japan. 

Our worldwide regional offices are located in Africa (Lagos), The Middle East (Dubai), The Indian sub-continent (Delhi), South East Asia (Kuala Lumpur), and China (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou).

Across these locations University teams recruit new international students to our campuses in ColchesterSouthend and Loughton, forge partnerships and networks, host alumni and stakeholder events, and understand local knowledge to enrich our students' experience. 

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Arinze Odiari heads up our Africa team and is responsible for all student recruitment for Sub-Saharan Africa, based in Lago, Nigeria.


Middle East and North Africa

Rosanna Kaylani and her team cover the Middle-East in North Africa. They are based in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.



Sandeep Sharma is responsible for the Indian Sub-Continent. He and the team there handle all student recruitment, including India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.



The China team is our largest office and is based in three cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Barbara Sun is the Programme Director there and is responsible for student recruitment, communications and alumni engagement.


South East Asia

The team in South East Asia are based in Kuala Lumpur and cover the majority of the South Pacific, including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macao. Samantha Look is Regional Manager and responsible for the staff in the region.


“The University has shown great commitment in going global as it established the first regional office in Africa (Lagos, Nigeria) in 2006 and have since established offices in India, China, South East Asia and the Middle East. We’re focused on making the most out of the University of Essex’s extensive networks to expand our recruitment, alumni and partnership programs."

Meet our global team  

Pictured above is our globally-located team, left to right: Joanna Muldoon (Regional Manager, Middle East and North Africa), Bryony Robertson (Marketing and Recruitment Officer, South East Asia), Christabel (Recruitment and Development Manager,  South East Asia), Arinze Odiari (Regional Manager, Africa), Meghana Jayaprakesh, Regional Recruitment and Development Officer, Middle East and North Africa), Sandeep Sharma (Regional Manager, India), Kshitj Bhatia (Regional Recruitment and Development Officer, India), Barbara Sun (Regional Director, China).