Global Essex

Connecting with our European partners

Strengthening links through research and teaching

We've established partnerships with key European universities crossing disciplines to enrich our research and enhance learning opportunities for our students.

YUFE: creating a new European University

We're part of ground-breaking plans to develop a new ‘European University’ as part of the pioneering Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE).

YUFE is one of just 17 alliances of European universities selected by the European Commission to take part in its programme to create European universities by bringing together institutions from across the continent.

The YUFE Alliance is a network of 10, young, student-centred research-intensive universities and two non-academic partners across Europe.

YUFE provides students with the opportunity to study a variety of academic modules, learn new languages, and connect and collaborate with other students across the YUFE network.

YUFERING: YUFE Transforming Research and Innovation through Europe-wide Knowledge Transfer

YUFERING aims to transform R&I work through many initiatives including the promotion of citizen science and societal engagement, the mainstreaming of Open Science practices, the fostering of brain and knowledge circulation, strengthening of academia-business collaboration and embodiment in a global R&I ecosystem.

YERUN: building links across Europe

We are collaborating with the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN) to develop joint research and teaching initiatives and to maximise mobility, research capacities and the employability of our graduates.