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YUFERING: Transforming Research and Innovation


YUFERING - YUFE Transforming Research and Innovation through Europe-wide Knowledge Transfer - aims to improve and harmonise research and innovation in Europe.

By building on the established cooperation between the YUFE partners, the main objectives are:

  • To define and implement a YUFE community-engaged R&I agenda for an excellent and inclusive European University
  • To function as a catalyst of flipped knowledge transfer
  • To transform recognition, reward and circulation of talent and teams across Europe
  • To make Open Science the “new normal” by creating a YUFE Open Science Strategy
  • To create and enhance shared research support structures, mechanisms and infrastructures amongst YUFERING partners
  • To achieve a broader impact on the R&I community and the society through a horizontal focus on community-engaged R&I
  • To explore joint structures and to share best practices with other European Universities alliances to ensure towards system-level impact

YUFERING aims to transform R&I work through many initiatives including the promotion of citizen science and societal engagement, the mainstreaming of Open Science practices, the fostering of brain and knowledge circulation, strengthening of academia-business collaboration and embodiment in a global R&I ecosystem.

The YUFERING project allows the YUFE Alliance to explore synergies with the other European Universities initiatives towards addressing shared challenges in R&I as well as formulating solutions that could enable a deep transformation of all missions of universities. The progress achieved and models developed will benefit all higher education institutions and have a tangible impact on society and economies across Europe.