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Past events

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Throughout the academic year we host research seminars featuring external academics or our own expert staff, who discuss their latest work.

We have recorded many of these seminars and made them available on Youtube. The seminars have been grouped them thematically under our four research groups.

Academic year 2023-2024

Ecology and environmental microbiology

Academic year 2022-2023

Ecology and environmental microbiology

Autumn term

  • Using AI to Tackle Challenges in Life Sciences

Speaker: Dr Jon Chamberlain, University of Essex.

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  • Dispersal’s Role in Structuring Diversity at Hydrothermal Vents

Speaker: Otis Brunner, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.

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Spring Term

  • Natural Hazards - Emergency Response in a Changing Climate

Speaker: Guy Cooper, Environment Agency

  • Rewilding the Sea

Speaker: Charles Clover, Blue Marine Foundation

  • How Stories and Sagas Create Agency for the Climate and Biodiversity Crises

Speaker: Professor Jules Pretty, University of Essex

  • The human gut microbiome explored at single nucleotide resolution

Speaker: Dr Falk Hildebrand, Quadram Institute Bioscience & Earlham Institute

  • Radical Marine Spatial Planning

Speaker: Dr Glen Smith, Middlesex University

Genomics and computational biology

Autumn term

  • Insights into Human Common Diseases via the Impact of Ageing & Genomic Variation on the DNA methylome

Speaker: Christopher Graeme Bell, Queen Mary University of London.

  • Targeting the IRF4 Transcriptional Network to Subvert Multiple Myeloma

Speaker: Erika Mancini, University of Sussex.

  • Philosophical Aspects of Theory, Observation, Evidence & Knowledge in Scientific Research

Speaker: Dr Matthew Rowe, Imperial College London

Summer term

  • The making of a biological solar cell: Genetic approaches to understand the beauty and complexity of chloroplast biogenesis

Speaker: Dr Enrique López-Juez, Royal Holloway

Plant productivity

Autumn term

  • Monocot Grafting: A tool to future proof plants for changing climate

Speaker: Dr Pallavi Singh, University of Essex.

Spring term

  • Things that go bump in the night: Understanding the role of nocturnal conductance in response to climate change

Speaker: Dr Laura McAusland, University of Nottingham.

Summer term

  • Investigating plant processes from enzymes to ecosystems

Speaker: Dr Caitlin Moore, University of Western Australia.

Protein structure and mechanisms of disease

Autumn term

  • Structure and mechanism of [FeFe] hydrogenases

Speaker: Dr James Birrell, University of Essex.

  • Manipulating iron storage and mobilization in the bacterial cell, a new strategy for developing antibiofilm interventions

Speaker: Mario Rivera, Louisiana State University.

  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: what does it have to do with Essex?

Speaker: Dr Dima Svistunenko, University of Essex.

Spring term

  • Expanding the biocatalytic toolbox

Speaker: Dr Patricia Rodriguez Macia, University of Oxford

Summer term

  • Measuring mycobacterial bioenergetic systems within living bacteria as they power growth and respond to antibiotics

Speaker: Dr Jamie Blaza, University of York

Academic year 2021-2022

Ecology and environmental microbiology

Autumn term

  • Fishers on the Frontlines - empowering coastal communities in marine ecosystem management

Speaker: Charlie Gough, Blue Ventures and University of Exeter.

  • Living on the Edge - Salt marshes under global change

Speaker: Stefanie Nolte, University of East Anglia.

  • The crucial role of marine vegetated ecosystems

Speaker: Ian Hendy, University of Portsmouth.

Spring term

  • Sharks, skates and rays: Life-history, population status and fisheries management

Speaker: Jim Ellis, Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS).

  • Does wildlife provisioning help or hinder conservation?

Speaker: Dr Alexander Lees, Manchester Metropolitan University

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  • The dynamics of marine human-wildlife conflict

Speaker: Katrina Davis, University of Oxford

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  • Using ancient DNA to obtain long-term perspectives in the marine environment

Speaker: Bastiaan Star, University of Oslo.

Summer term

  • Geodiversity matters for biodiversity, in theory and practice

Speaker: Dr Joseph J Bailey, York St John University.

  • Coral reef in a bottle: eDNA for biomonitoring

Speaker: Dr Alessia Bani, University of Essex.

Genomics and computational biology

Autumn term

  • Spermatogenesis, genomic conflict and evolutionary innovation

Speaker: Peter Ellis, University of Kent.

  • Pseudotyping pandemics

Speaker: Dr Nigel Temperton, University of Kent.

Spring term

  • RNA modifications as determinants of chromatin structure and genome stability

Speaker: Alexey Ruzov, University of Nottingham.

  • An evolutionary approach to ageing research

Speaker: Jonathan Houseley, Babraham Institute.

  • Mediator kinase-regulated transcriptional reprogramming: a broad therapeutic target

Speaker: Professor Igor Roninson, University of South Carolina.

  • Microbial Influence on animal linear growth promotion

Speaker: François Leulier, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

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  • Chromatin remodelling and cell fate plasticity during neuronal maturation

Speaker: Tony Southall, Imperial College London.

Summer term

  • Wastewater based epidemiology – successes, challenges and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic

Speaker: Professor Mariachiara Di Cesare, University of Essex.

Plant productivity

Autumn term

  • Increasing crop yield through manipulation of photosynthetic carbon metabolism

Speaker: Professor Christine Raines, University of Essex.

  • Spatially imposed specificity in chloroplast-to-nucleus signal transduction

Speaker: Professor Phil Mullineaux, University of Essex.

Summer term

  • Unravelling the effects of winter temperature variation on arable crop yields

Speaker: Steven Penfield, John Innes Centre.

Protein structure and mechanisms of disease

Autumn term

  • The future of MSC-based therapies for cancer

Speaker: Dr Andrea Mohr, University of Essex.

Spring term

  • Conformational disorder in regulation of enzymatic catalysis

Speaker: Vincenzo Venditti, Iowa State University.

Summer term

  • Different ways for CD95/Fas to induce inflammation in chronic inflammatory disorders and cancers

Speaker: Patrick Legembre, Université de Limoges.

  • Ex-vivo structural biology: new insights on systemic amyloidosis

Speaker: Stefano Ricagno, University of Milano.

  • Disulfiram: An old antialcoholism medicine gives cancer patients new hope

Speaker: Professor Weiguang Wang, University of Wolverhampton.

  • Addressing the flexibility issue in protein-ligand binding: the EDES protocol

Speaker: Attilio Vittorio Vargiu, University of Cagliari.

Academic year 2020-2021

Ecology and environmental microbiology

Autumn term

  • Deep-water fisheries along the British Isles continental slopes: status, ecosystem effects and future perspectives

Speaker: Dr Rui Vieira, Center for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science/UEA

  • Indicators of ecosystem resilience driven by human influence rather than climate

Speaker: Dr Laura Graham, University of Birmingham

  • From Ions to Ecosystems: Tracing fish movement and health using natural tags

Speaker: Dr Anna Sturrock, University of Essex

  • Who's in charge? Fungus-bacteria interactions in decomposing wood

Speaker: Dr Sarah Christofides, Cardiff University

  • The marine and aquatic civil servants - applying science into policy for a sustainable blue future

Speaker: Dr Ewan Hunter, Center for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, and University of East Anglia.

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Spring term

  • Science and campaigning: how research can change the world

Speaker: William McCallum, Greenpeace

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  • Don't put your eggs in one basket: Why fish early life history stages maximize reproductive success

Speaker: Professor Audrey Geffen, Imperial College London and University of Bergen

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  • Ocean Optimism: Is there really hope for the oceans?

Speaker: Dr Bryce Stewart, University of York

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Summer term

  • The humpback whale: Socially intelligent or just ‘winging’ it?

Speaker: Dr Rebecca Dunlop, University of Queensland

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  • Hydrocarbon degradation in deep waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea at in situ pressure

Speaker: Dr Evina Gontikaki, Technical University of Crete

  • Transitioning Advances in Molecular Epidemiology to Ocean Observing: Lessons from COVID-19

Speaker: Dr Peter Thielen, Johns Hopkins University

  • Fidelity of yellowfin tuna to seamounts and island foraging grounds in the central South Atlantic Ocean

Speakers: Dr Serena Wright & Rhys Hobbs, Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science & St Helena Government

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Genomics and computational biology

Autumn term

  • Prolonging transplant organ survival using novel immune based therapies

Speaker: Dr Lesley Smyth, University of East London and King's College London

  • Genomic and metabolic regulation in proliferating and ageing cells of fission yeast

Speaker: Professor Jürg Bähler, University College London

  • Zoonotic potential of bat Influenza A viruses

Speaker: Dr Efstathios (Stathis) Giotis, University of Essex

Spring term

  • Range expansions into a heterogeneous world: How demographic noise and environmental heterogeneity shape genetic diversity

Speaker: Dr Wolfram Möbius, University of Exeter

  • Science is a story: are you sharing yours?

Speaker: Olivia A. Grant, University of Essex

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  • Epigenetic regulation at the tip of the histone tails

Speaker: Professor Antonis Kirmizis, University of Cyprus

  • Impact of canonical vs noncanonical NF-kappaB signalling on lung carcinogenesis

Speaker: Professor Evangelos Kolettas, University of Ioannina and Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Greece

  • Chromatin structure as a transcriptional regulator in normal and malignant hematopoiesis

Speaker: Aaron Viny, Columbia University

  • The development of droplet based long-read single-cell sequencing technology to understand the mechanism of multiple myeloma drug resistance

Speaker: Dr Adam Cribbs, University of Oxford

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  • Mechanisms underlying homeostatic plasticity in the Drosophila mushroom body in vivo

Speaker: Dr Andrew Lin, University of Sheffield

Summer term

  • Computational approaches to quantify tissue organization

Speaker: Dr Luis Maria Escudero Cuadrado, IBIS / University of Seville

Variations on Size Control

Speaker: Professor Fernando Casares, CABD (Universidad Pablo de Olavide/CSIC)

  • Human gastruloids: an in vitro model of anteroposterior axial patterning in early embryo development

Speaker: Dr Naomi Moris, Francis Crick Institute

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  • Increased fidelity of protein synthesis extends lifespan

Speaker: Dr Ivana Bjedov, UCL Cancer Institute

  • Combining genome technologies with genetics to analyse MAGIC populations

Speaker: Dr Matt Clark, Natural History Museum

Plant productivity

Autumn term

  • Brighter days ahead: understanding and manipulating photosynthesis in a changing climate

Speaker: Dr Amanda Cavanagh, University of Essex

  • Restoring degraded grasslands: approaches and opportunities

Speaker: Dr Ellen Fry, University of Manchester

Spring term

  • The roots of change: global change and mycorrhizal symbioses through the Phanerozoic

Speaker: Professor Katie Field, University of Sheffield

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Summer term

  • C2 photosynthesis: a promising route toward food security

Speaker: Dr. Marjorie Lundgren, Lancaster University

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Protein structure and mechanisms of disease

Autumn term

  • Campylobacter jejuni detection test: From the laboratory bench to the farm

Speaker: Dr Ahmed Jehanli, Technical Director, Soma Bioscience LTD, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

  • Livewires: Transporting electrons across the bacterial outer membrane

Speaker: Dr Marcus Edwards, University of Essex

Spring term

  • New tools for time-resolved X-ray crystallography

Speaker: Dr Briony Yorke, University of Bradford.

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  • Understand biomolecular interactions with MST and TRIC throughout the drug discovery process

Speaker: Dr Claire Hatty, NanoTemper Technologies

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