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We run an exciting schedule of events, seminars and conferences throughout the year.  

Research seminar series

Throughout the year we hold a research seminar series featuring guest experts from other institutions, as well as new researchers in our School, to discuss their work.

Spring term

25th February 2021 - "Chromatin structure as a transcriptional regulator in normal and malignant hematopoiesis" - Professor Aaron Viny, Columbia University.

4th March 2021 - "Science and campaigning: how research can change the world" - William McCallum, Greenpeace.

11th March 2021 - "The roots of change: global change and mycorrhizal symbioses through the Phanerozoic" - Dr Katie J. Field, University of Sheffield.

25th March 2021 - "Don’t put your eggs in one basket: Why fish early life history stages maximize reproductive success" - Professor Audrey Geffen, Imperial College London.

8th April 2021 - "Mechanisms underlying homeostatic plasticity in the Drosophila mushroom body in vivo" - Dr Andrew Lin, University of Sheffield.

15th April 2021 - "Ocean Optimism: Is there really hope for the oceans?" - Dr Bryce Stewart, University of York.

22nd April 2021 - "C2 photosynthesis: a promising route toward food security" - Dr Marjorie Lundgren, Lancaster University.


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A head and shoulders shot of William McCallam, with an out of focus building in the background.
Science and campaigning: how research can change the world

This research seminar, hosted by the School of Life Sciences, will feature William McCallam discussing his work with Greenpeace, and the essential role that science plays in campaigning.

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