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School of Life Sciences


Events, seminars and conferences

We run an exciting schedule of events, seminars and conferences throughout the year.  

Research seminar series

Throughout the year we hold a research seminar series featuring guest experts from other institutions, as well as new researchers in our School, to discuss their work.

Autumn term 

29th October 2020 - "Campylobacter jejuni detection test from the laboratory bench to the farm" - Dr Ahmed Jeehanly, Soma Bioscience LTD.

12th November 2020 - "Electron transfer at the Microbe-Mineral Interface" - Dr Marcus Edwards, University of Essex.

26th November 2020 - "From Ions to Ecosystems: Tracing fish movement and health using natural tags" - Dr Anna Sturrock, University of Essex.

3rd December 2020 - "Host range and cross-species infection of zoonotic viruses" - Dr Stathis Giotis, University of Essex.


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