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Events, seminars and conferences

We run an exciting schedule of events, seminars and conferences throughout the year.  

Research seminar series

Throughout the year we hold a research seminar series featuring guest experts from other institutions, as well as new researchers in our School, to discuss their work.

Summer term

29th April 2021 - "The humpback whale: Socially intelligent or just ‘winging’ it?" - Dr Rebecca Dunlop, University of Queensland. (Please note that this event is being held at 10am due to the time difference with the speaker).

6th May 2021 - "Computational approaches to quantify tissue organization" - Dr Luis Maria Escudero Cuadrado, IBIS/University of Seville.

20th May 2021 - "Hydrocarbon degradation in deep waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea at in situ pressure" - Dr Evina Gontikaki, Technical University of Crete.

27th May 2021 - "Human gastruloids: an in vitro model of anteroposterior axial patterning in early embryo development" - Dr Naomi Moris, Francis Crick Institute.

3rd June 2021 - "Transitioning Advances in Molecular Epidemiology to Ocean Observing: Lessons from COVID-19" - Dr Peter Thielen, John Hopkins University.

10th June 2021 - "Increased fidelity of protein synthesis extends lifespan" - Dr Ivana Bjedov, UCL Cancer Institute.

17th June 2021 - "Fidelity of yellowfin tuna to seamounts and island foraging grounds in the central South Atlantic Ocean" - Dr Serena Wright (Cefas) and Rhys Hobbs (St Helena Government).

24th June 2021 - "Combining genome technologies with genetics to analyse MAGIC populations" - Dr Matt Clark, Natural History Museum.


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A head and shoulders shot of William McCallam, with an out of focus building in the background.
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Will McCallum, Head of the Greenpeace Ocean Campaigns, joined the School of Life Sciences to discuss the importance of academic research in the charity's work, from providing inspiration to evidence for their campaigns.

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