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Scholarships and funding

A photo of the middle of a microscope, showing the three objectives lenses, the mechanical stage where samples are placed, and the top of the illuminator underneath.

Supporting your studies

We offer funding opportunities to support both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including a broad range of University of Essex scholarships, and postgraduate research studentships within the School and from ARIES DTP.


Our range of scholarships and bursaries to support talented students ensure we remain accessible to all with the potential to succeed, regardless of financial circumstances.

Search our Scholarship Finder to see the funding you can apply for.

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We are global

Essex is a university with an international outlook. Depending on where you're coming to us from, we may have scholarships or bursaries to support your studies with us, as well as information about open days we're holding in your country.

See our country-specific pages

PhD studentships

PhD studentships are offered by the Faculty of Science and Health, the School of Life Sciences, ARIES (NERC-funded Doctoral Training Partnership) and the EU (Horizon 2020). Details of any available opportunities are listed below. For further information, please contact the Graduate Administrator, Emma Revill (

We do not currently have any funded studentships available.

MSD Studentships

A Master of Science by Disseration (MSD) is a one-year research degree. The School of Life Sciences offers several MSD courses in a range of specialist subjects.

We do not currently have any MSD studentship opportunities available. We have a list of unfunded projects or alternatively you are welcome to contact potential supervisors to ask if they have any particular projects that will be looking to recruit to in the future.

Why should you do your research at Essex?

At the University of Essex, you can perform exciting research with excellent supervision that strikes the balance between guidance and encouraging independence.

You belong to intellectually stimulating research groups, and, importantly, will find a friendly, supportive environment within departments and across the university.

Through our unique professional development scheme Proficio, Essex provides outstanding financial support for training, field work, and conference participation.

External scholarships

Occasionally we may advertise external scholarships and funding opportunities offered by charitable organisations.

The department is not affiliated with these organisation and does not offer any application support. All queries about them should be directed to the organisations themselves.

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