Your options

Once you have found a course that's of interest to you or your staff, you will need to decide you will fund the course.

There are different funding streams which may be open to you including:

  • employer funding
  • professional organisation funding
  • charitable organisation funding
  • University of Essex scholarships
  • self-funding

Our CPD fees

Our CPD fees for 2023/24 are available here.  Please note that each year these are reviewed.

Funding sources

Employer funding

During your appraisal or personal development review with your line manager, you will have the opportunity to identify areas for personal and professional development.  You may be able to access funding through your organisation to pay for your course.

Flexible study options

Many of our CPD programmes are offered on a modular basis which means that they are made up of smaller, individual courses that can either be taken as standalone courses or can be built into larger programmes over time.

You may find that your organisation will pay for some of your modules, and you will be able to self-fund the rest.

Professional organisation funding

Some professional bodies offer funding for specific areas of professional development.  Check with your professional body's website to see if they have scholarships, grants or bursaries that you are eligible for.

In addition, it's also worth checking with relevant unions, chartered societies and royal colleges related to your field too.

Charitable organisation funding

Some charitable organisations are specifically set up to support particular professional groups, while others offer funding for research or training in their particular field, or for a particular service user population.

University of Essex scholarships

Please use our Scholarship Finder to look for scholarships you are eligible for.


You can self-fund your study. Many of our modular degrees can be paid for on a module-by-module basis, which makes covering the total cost much easier.