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Our mission at Edge Hotel School has always been to prepare the future leaders of the hospitality industry for their careers, and inspire young learners to consider an exciting and rewarding career in the hospitably and events sectors.

We've built the below role-playing activity to give you a taste of life as a hotel General Manager. In this role, you would be responsible for the day-to-day running of the hotel and making incredibly important decisions that can shape your organisation. From budgets, staff, marketing, operations and customer experience - a successful General Manager would make sure that all of responsibilities are looked after and that your hotel is running smoothly. 

One of the most important issues leaders in the hospitality industry have to think about now is the sustainability and ethical practices of their hotel or organisation. We all have a responsibility to make sure we are trying our hardest to minimise any negative impact we have on the environment. This issue is what forms of the basis for our activity below.

It's your first day as the new General Manager of a 4*, 40 bedroom country house hotel. Andy from the Board of Directors has met you in the hotel foyer to introduce himself and show you around the hotel. As you're introduced to different departments, each of them has some ideas that they would like to share with you about how the hotel can improve its sustainable practices. As the video progress, you'll be asked to choose between different options - and you'll have a lot to think about.

It's up to you to have a think about which option is best, but remember - as a General Manager you need to think about all of the impacts your decision can make. From the customer experience to keeping costs down, your decision needs to benefit the environment but it also needs to make sense from a business perspective. We've prepared the below handout which can give you a bit more information about what sort of things to think about.

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Wivenhoe House on a nice day
Sustainable Hotel Interactive Activity

As the new General Manager of a four-star hotel, how will you come to make important decisions?

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