Refine your professional expertise with the Edge Hotel School

At Edge Hotel School, it isn't just about developing the next generation of hospitality leaders - we can provide valuable experience for those looking to boost their current career aspirations. 


In a post-pandemic world, it is essential members of our industry are equipped to deal with whatever challenges they may face. Improving the knowledge and skill set of your employees or colleagues could be an essential element to the continued successful operation of your organisation. 

Our BA Hotel Management Top Up allows applicants with previous industry experience, or those who have completed relevant qualifications up to Level 5, the opportunity to refine their knowledge and experience - and be awarded a full BA Hotel Management.

You'll study alongside students completing the final level of their degree, working to the same rigorous academic standard. This combination of academic learning and experience in Wivenhoe House, our own 4* country house hotel, will enable those on our Top Up to update their vocational skills, competences and knowledge of the industry. 

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BA Hotel Management Top Up

The BA Hotel Management Top Up allows industry professionals or those with previous education experience to refine their professional expertise and knowledge.

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Why study here?
  • Join the final level of our BA (Hons) Hotel Management and complete within 8 months. 
  • Edge Hotel School has been rated 7th in the UK for student satisfaction in our subject area via the National Student Survey 2022.
  • Enhance your professional and academic expertise to combat the challenges of an ever-changing industry.