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We bring together an interdisciplinary set of scholars to economically, organisationally, scientifically, technologically, politically, sociologically, legally, and philosophically research the promotion of collaborative advantage, collective intelligence, and “open-source” problem solving both within communities and globally.

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International Experts


Department of Social Sciences, University of Naples

One of the leading academics on “post-capitalist” economic development and knowledge consumption.


Faculty of Business and Law, Anglia Ruskin University

An internationally recognized expert on alternative organisations and value creation.


Management School, University of Sheffield

A world-leading scholar on technology and ethical marketing.


Department of Philosophy, George Washington University

A world renowned philosopher in the areas of collective welfare, social movements, and “commons” morality.


Communication and Digital Media Studies, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

A top scholar in the area of “media imperialism” and the social value along with cooperative ownership of “social media” platforms.


Municipalism and economic democracy, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Author of the influential book “Generation Left”, he is currently doing original and ground-breaking work on “public – commons” partnerships.


School of Business , University of Leicester

A globally recognized scholar on post-capitalist discourses, practices, and organisations.


Director of the, Belfast Interface Project

The premier organisation for cross-community cooperation between Unionist and Republicans in Northern Ireland – as well as former Deputy Mayor of Belfast.


Consultant, URBACT

Leading international expert at URBACT on cooperative community-led development and author of the popular and influential “Urbans Commons Cookbook”.


Visiting Professor , Vassar College

A leading academic expert in the theory and praxis of decolonisation and the growth of 21stcentury democratic “communes” – especially in the “Global South”.

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Centre for Commons Organising Values Equalities and Resilience (COVER) Co-Directors:
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