Professor Phoebe Moore

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Professor Phoebe Moore



  • PhD University of Nottingham,

  • MA International University of Japan,


University of Essex

  • Professor of Management and the Futures of Work, School of Business, University of Essex (2/5/2022 - present)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • International Business Environment (BE413)

  • Business and International Development (BE422)

  • International Management (BE489)


Journal articles (7)

Cefaliello, A., Moore, PV. and Donoghue, R., (2023). Making algorithmic management safe and healthy for workers: addressing psychosocial risks in new legal provisions. European Labour Law Journal. 14 (2), 192-210

Moore, PV., (2023). Workers’ right to the subject: The social relations of data production. Convergence

Moore, PV. and Joyce, S., (2020). Black box or hidden abode? The expansion and exposure of platform work managerialism. Review of International Political Economy. 27 (4), 926-948

Engster, F. and Moore, PV., (2020). The search for (artificial) intelligence, in capitalism. Capital & Class. 44 (2), 201-218

Moore, PV., (2020). The mirror for (artificial) intelligence in capitalism. Capital & Class. 44 (2), 191-200

Moore, PV., Briken, K. and Engster, F., (2020). Machines and measure. Capital & Class. 44 (2), 139-144

Moore, PV., (2018). Tracking Affective Labour for Agility in the Quantified Workplace. Body & Society. 24 (3), 39-67

Book chapters (2)

Donoghue, R., Huanxin, L., Moore, P. and Ernst, E., (2024). AI, regulation, and the world of work: the competing approaches of the US and China. In: Handbook on Public Policy and Artificial Intelligence. Edward Elgar Publishing. 353- 365. 9781803922164

Moore, P., Piwek, L. and Roper, I., (2018). The Quantified Workplace: A Study in Self-Tracking, Agility and Change Management. In: Self-Tracking Empirical and Philosophical Investigations. Editors: Ajana, B., . Springer International Publishing. 93- 110. 9783319653785

Conferences (1)

Moore, PV., (2019). OSH and the Future of Work: Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Workplaces

Grants and funding


Study exploring the context, challenges, opportunities, and trends in algorithmic management in the workplace

Visionary Analytics


Promoting Commons Presents and Futures

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)

Overview of policies, research and practices in relation to advanced robotics and AI based systems for automation of tasks and occupational safety and health

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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