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Peter Bloom is a Professor of Management at the University of Essex. His research critically explores the radical possibilities of technology for redefining and transforming contemporary work and society. It focuses on better understanding the human aspects of organizational existence and the potentially for constructing more empowering cultural paradigms for organising the economy and politics. Specifically, his research originally reveals the strong relationship between economic marketization and political authoritarianism, the “dark side” of workplace empowerment discourses and the role of technology for changing organisations and processes of organising. He received his PhD from the University of Essex in 2009 in Government (Ideology and Discourse Analysis). Prior to coming to the EBS, he was a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of People and Organisations at the Open University as well as the Co-Founder of the research group REEF (Research into Employment, Empowerment, and Futures). His books include Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Globalization (Edward Elgar Press), Beyond Power and Resistance: Politics at the Radical Limits (Rowman and Littlefield International, November 2016), The Ethics of Neoliberalism: The Business of Making Capitalism Moral (Routledge, 2017), The Bad Faith in the Free Market: The Radical Promise of Existential Freedom (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), and The CEO Society: How the Cult of Corporate Leadership Transform Our World co-written Carl Rhodes (Zed Books). His scholarly work has also been published in leading international journals such as Human Relations, Organization, Theory and Event, Journal of Political Ideologies, Journal of Political Power, New Formations, Research on the Sociology of Organization, Culture and Organizations, Ephemera, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Organization and International Journal of Žižek Studies. His writing has been additionally featured in top international and national media outlets such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The Independent, The New Statesmen, The Week, The Conversation and Open Democracy among others. Recently, he has served as the lead academic on a range of BBC programmes including “The Bottom Line” on Radio 4, the “Can Britain Have a Pay Raise” aired on BBC2 and most recently the two part television documentary “The Secrets of Silicon Valley”.


  • PhD in Government The University of Esesx, (2009)


University of Essex

  • Professor in Management, Essex Business School, University of Essex (1/9/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law, The Open University (1/4/2014 - 31/8/2019)

  • Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Business School, Swansea University (1/9/2009 - 31/3/2014)

Research and professional activities

Conferences and presentations

Managing and Upscaling Resilient Commons Development

Invited presentation, Resilient Propert Theory Worksop, Maria-Curie, Turin, Italy, 31/5/2024

Reframing public management: from co-production to co-reproduction'

International Research Society for Public Management, International Research Society for Public Management, 16/4/2024

Creating a Social Economy Video Game

Invited presentation, Event ERASMUS SCE4 Project Event, ERASMUS SCE4 Project Event, 29/1/2024

Organising Anti-Oligarchic Futures

Invited presentation, Historical Materialism, Historical Materialism, 9/11/2023

The Invisible Hand of The Commons

Invited presentation, The 300th Anniversarybof Adam Smith, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 8/6/2023

The High Cost of CEO Leadership

Invited presentation, Dublin, Ireland, 1/4/2019

Accountable Subjects, Unaccountable elites

Keynote presentation, Conway Hall, 1/3/2019

The Future of Public Sector Trust

Invited presentation, ICPS 11th Annual Public Administration Reform Symposium, 3/12/2018

Creating Smart Moral Technologies

Invited presentation, Cologne, Germany, 1/11/2018

The Future of Rewards and Benefits

Invited presentation, Pensions and Benefits UK National Conference, 25/6/2018

The Future of Work 4.0: Disruptive Technologies, opportunity or threat’

Keynote presentation, Dublin, Ireland, 18/6/2018

Creating a People First 21st Century Employment Contract

AOM Big Data Conference, Guildford, United Kingdom, 9/4/2018

'The Future of Union Learning Today'

Invited presentation, Union 21 Conference, 2/4/2018

Placing Wellbeing at the Centre of the Future of Employment for Military Veteran

Keynote presentation, MOD People and Resettlement Conference, London, United Kingdom, 1/3/2018

Virtually Revolutionising Democracy and Civil Society

Invited presentation, Civil Society and Democracy in the Economic Arena (ESRC Seminar), London, United Kingdom, 1/12/2017

The CEO Society: The Corporate Takeover of Everyday Life

Keynote presentation, PUPOL Conference, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, 3/4/2017

Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Globalisation

Invited presentation, Depoliticization and the political today, Queen Mary, London, United Kingdom, 2/5/2016

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Understanding Value and Values (BE402)

  • Business and International Development (BE422)

  • Social Economy Management: Theories and Perspectives (BE495)

Previous supervision

Israa Walied Hussein Ibrahim Kishk
Israa Walied Hussein Ibrahim Kishk
Thesis title: The Impact of Ownership Structure on Firm Performance: A Comparative Multi-Country Analysis
Degree subject: Management Studies
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 8/1/2024


Journal articles (17)

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Books (10)

Bloom, P., (2023). Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Globalization. Edward Elgar Publishing. 978 1 80220 460 5

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Book chapters (7)

Bloom, P., (2023). "The Danger of Smart Ideologies: Counter-Hegemonic Intelligence and Antagonistic Machines".. In: Handbook of Critical Studies of Artificial Intelligence. 33- 42. 9781803928555

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Grants and funding


Develop and spread the use of the Shared Futures Planning Toolkit throughout interface areas in Belfast.

The National Lottery Community Fund


Evaluation of Eastlight Community Homes All In programme

Eastlight Community Homes Limited

Creating a 'Common Value' Business Model

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)

Social and Co-Operative Clinics in Europe

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)

Promoting Commons Presents and Futures

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)

Building Research Community for Operationalising Intersectionality to reduce health disparities in mental health

Arts and Humanities Research Council


The Future Innovators Project. SEUPB Building Positive Relations Regional funding through EU's Peace IV programme on expanding and spreading the use of the Shared Futures Toolkit throughout Northern Ireland including border regions of Ireland.

Co-operation Ireland


Innovation Voucher application: Remapping the Future in Belfast: Bringing peace lines communities together to imagine a shared future without walls

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