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"My faith helps me when times are tough, you always need God."

I come from Nigeria and there, people are often undertreated which is very unfair – that inspired me to study Sociology and Human Rights. I was studying International Relations before, but then I changed to Sociology and Human Rights because I just got this nudge and push to study. If you see what’s happening in Nigeria at the moment, you’ll see on the internet, it’s really terrible and people need to speak up. After I graduate form Essex I’d like go back home and become a Human Rights Activist to help as many people as I can.

I met my boyfriend here met 2 years ago. We had the same coursework, and well, funny story – we both failed the coursework! So I needed help on my coursework, and I asked him to help me and he was so nice. We became friends and then yeah, here we are! We might both go back to Nigeria once we finish, we’ll see. This is actually my second undergrad degree at Essex - I think it’s a very good community where you meet different people. It’s very friendly here. My lecturers are amazing and my teachers are friendly.

I’m a Christian and I find that my faith helps me when times are tough, you always need God. You only live once so do your best and make everyone happy. I try to smile to everyone and be nice, it’s working, and I’ve made lots of friends. It’s free so why not! My boyfriend makes me smile, and life! You wake up every day and you have to smile and be happy I guess.


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