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Fernanda's story

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"My family is pretty cool. They let us be and they allow us to dream."

I always wanted to continue my education. England was my first choice but when I first applied for my Masters I was scared I wouldn’t be able to come so I was ok with staying in Mexico as well. But now I’m here I know this is the place I’m meant to be. I find it so encouraging and the international community here is amazing and you learn a lot of things.

I love research and I love studying governments and why they don’t work sometimes. I think it’s worth recognising when they do work and when they do things for the people. My main aspirations are to develop policies so I can help local governments in Mexico which tend to be the most inefficient and corrupt sometimes. But, then you can work with really concrete assignments and focused policies with them. I’d like to apply all of my research to those areas they that could work with.

I was so proud when I received the notification that I got the scholarship to come here. I received the Women of the Future scholarship and I felt really really proud when I got it. You have to support the application with previous work in the area that you have to study. I’ve been working as a research assistant in local government in public policy. At the same time you have to show why you are an inspiring woman. I’ve done a lot of volunteering and I was in Chile working with earthquake victims in 2010. I think the most important thing about this scholarship is it helps women who may not have the resources to come here and study. If you show them that you are worth the funding then they give it to you, but you have to show also that you’re willing to do things for your community and that’s why this scholarship is amazing because it empowering women who may not have the opportunity at all to go forward with their studies.

My biggest struggle right now it to find a balance between work and having fun and not getting overwhelmed with assignments and the future. It can produce a lot of anxiety to think about what’s next and that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I do want to become a researcher, but if it doesn’t happen now that’s ok.

My parents got married really young and they struggled a lot to give us a good life standard. My mum has been an inspiration because she’s fearless and she’s been a great support. When I’m down and I don’t feel I have enough strength and get discouraged, she’s the first one who is cheering me up and the first person to believe in me. Every time that I’ve struggled with believing in myself she’s there, so she definitely inspires me. My family is pretty cool. They let us be and they allow us to dream and I think that’s so important for families to encourage their children to just follow your dreams. It doesn’t matter if it’s too high or not, you could end up in England doing your Masters.


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