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Charlie's story


"In programming, you have to follow the rules. I prefer to be as creative as possible."

I’ve just finished my BSc Computer Science degree, but I want to study a Masters in something more creative and arts-based. The biggest challenge for me in computer science was the programming, because you have to follow the rules, and I prefer to be as creative as possible. I play African drums and piano, and I also write poetry. I’m thinking about studying creative writing for my Masters.

Essex has provided me with lots of opportunities to be creative outside of my course, though. Art Exchange do lots of creative workshops, so through that I’ve started African drumming, painting, writing, lots of stuff. I’m also part of the Music Society and I love that they organise socials and offer opportunities for playing music. I’ve performed at open mic nights, on campus and in Colchester town centre.

I believe in focusing on the positives in life, and not thinking about the negatives. My personal philosophy is to never give up, keep pursuing your passions, keep learning and sharing, and hopefully your future will develop in a wonderful way.


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