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Jasini's story

Jasini Granados

"If you make a bad decision, just learn to live with it."

My parents met in Mexico. My dad, who also studied at Essex, went there for his year abroad. It took them only 6 months to realise they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives. My mum became my inspiration, she was strong enough to move to the UK, leave behind her home and her family so that I could have a good life and amazing opportunities.

My passion for Latin American languages was born from my parent’s love story. My mum being Mexican and my dad being a Latin American specialist had a huge impact on me studying Portuguese at a mastery level. I can speak Spanish, Portuguese and English, but I have also started learning Arabic through the Languages for All programme at Essex.

Why I chose Essex? Well, my dad had only amazing things to say about the university! That, together with the course, which offered three specialities in one, led to my decision.

My motto in life is “Do not regret things”, if you make a bad decision, just learn to live with it!


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