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Tobe's story

Tobe Ezenwa standing on the steps

"Focus on the future and not the past."

The happiest I’ve ever been was when my baby sister was born. She was born in America and I was at home in Nigeria, so the day she came back home with my Mum was a pretty amazing time for me and the family. That was seven years ago so she’s way younger than me. I was supposed to be the last born but then she came as a surprise! Having a little baby sibling is pretty special to me.

I’m in a big family; there’s five of us kids and my parents are still together. I’m always inspired by them. My mum is such a fighter and my Dad is a pretty successful guy, so in terms of being a successful individual he inspires me to be able to provide for my family. And then there are people like my best friend. He’s like a genius, so he really inspires me! If I had one motto to live by though, it would be to focus on the future and not the past.


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