"People come to university from all sorts of backgrounds."

The kind of person that inspires me is someone who’s very driven and knows their goals and what they want. My aspirations in life are to have a solid, reliable career. That’s what Essex means to me: better career prospects and a well-laid out future.

I’ve been awarded The Institution of Engineering and Technology Horizons Bursary, supported by Lloyds Register Foundation, which recognises that there are students who don’t necessarily have a traditional, A-level background and have taken a different path, but who are still talented. Now I’m an Ambassador for the IET and help college students with electronics courses, as well as talking to them about the bursaries available. People come to university from all sorts of backgrounds and with all sorts of experiences, and I think it’s really important to reward talented people no matter what path they took to get here.

I’m happiest when I’ve successfully finished a project; when you’ve been working on something for a year and it all comes together at the end, it’s really incredible. I love the idea of designing stuff in my future career. Seeing something that I’ve worked on from start to finish come to fruition is so fulfilling. 


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