Freshers' Fair and activities

Students enjoying Freshers' Fair

Meet like-minded people and make friends for life

The highlight of every Welcome and Orientation on our Colchester Campus is the Students' Union Freshers' Fair. An exciting event that marks the beginning of the academic year and serves as your chance to make new friends, join societies and really get to know the campus.

Interested in Global Justice? We've got a society for that.  how about, Origami, Public Speaking, or Film? We have societies for these too. Are you an International Student and want to meet students from your own country? We have these as well. Find out more about the full range of SU societies on their website.

This is your introduction to campus life for new students. A bustling hub of activity where our societies, clubs, and organisations gather to showcase their offerings and engage with you. They'll be plenty of music and entertainment too.

Amongst the stalls, the Freshers Fair also features interactive games, performances, and giveaway and will be your chance to also meet It serves local businesses, and vendors, from around the campus and Colchester.

Whilst we prepare for our Freshers' Fair 2023 why not explore what happened last year.

A full week of events, activities and opportunities to meet and make friends

We're still planning our schedule for Welcome activities, but rest assured they'll be something for everyone. From a range of department induction events to get you settled into your new academic home, to a variety of activities to help you find new interests, meet and connect with other students. Our Students' Union will also has a variety of events planned too.