"Don't leave something for tomorrow that you can do today."

My personal motto is, don’t leave something for tomorrow that you can do today. I’m currently working on a project around social media networks for students. I just started working on the first prototype. I hope it succeeds, because I think it will be really useful for students.

I’m inspired by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and how he created a social media platform that’s used by billions of people every day, but I think Facebook is a bit limited when it comes to providing features for students, so I want to fill that gap. I think there are more innovative and efficient ways out there to help students to connect with each other. One day, I’d love to be the CEO of my own company. I want to build software that allows me to reach out to people and change their lives for the better.

I love how at Essex you have everything you could possibly need to help you achieve. When I applied, Essex was the last university that I heard back from. My mother was pushing me to just accept another offer, but I had my heart set on coming to Essex – and when I did get the offer, I was over the moon! I didn’t hesitate or have any second thoughts; I just accepted right there and then.


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