"Don't think too much, don't over complicate. Just be in the moment."

As long as I can remember my father was always taking me to work with him. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I always had an ambition to start my own business, and be my own boss. I have a couple of business ideas, maybe sports apparel as I have a sporty background, or an online business.

My parents inspire me, specifically my mother. My dad works away in Paris, and so she takes care of us, me and my three brothers, on her own. Especially coming all the way here from Pakistan, she does such a good job and I want to make her really proud. I’m also really lucky being in Southend, as the airport here flies to Paris so I get to see my dad once or twice a month.

In life, I’m looking forward to being independent and spontaneous, and going on so many adventures. I was going to be doing a placement year, but I’ve swapped to a year abroad, so hopefully I’ll get to meet new people, experience different cultures and different things. I’d like to go to Paris for the year and stay with my dad, all of the options are really good.

I used to live in Glasgow where the weather isn’t the best, so living by the seafront in the summer is great. The atmosphere during the summer time is good, it’s a tiny place and everyone is really nice.

My motto would be, don’t think too much, don’t over complicate. Just be in the moment.



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