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Fancy the flexibility of studying multiple disciplines across our departments, and engaging with cutting edge research? Our Study at Essex Programme enables you to do this. Plus we're offering a wide range of activities to enhance your student experience.

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Programme overview

Course structure

For part of your study abroad period, you will be expected to take the same workload as a degree student at Essex.

Full year students

You will typically study eight modules totalling 120 Essex credits (four in the Autumn Term and four in the Spring Term).Teaching takes place during the Autumn and Spring Terms, with revision classes and final examinations during the Summer Term. The examination period is mid-May to mid-June. You're able to leave once you have taken your last examination but you will have to pay for your accommodation for the whole year.

Part year students

You will typically study four modules totalling 60 Essex credits in the Autumn Term. All of your assessments, including the written examinations, will take place during this time.If you're joining us in the Spring Term, you're expected to complete your studies in June. During the Summer Term, you will have examinations for your Spring Term modules.

Term dates

The academic year is divided into three terms of ten weeks:

  • Autumn Term: October to December
  • Spring Term: January to March
  • Summer Term: April to June


Our module directory lists the modules we offer. Read the explanation of our module codes before you make your selection. When you look at the details of a particular module, it will tell you whether or not the module is available to you as a study abroad student. All modules you select must be credit bearing modules and suitable for your current level of study.

If you're interested in a module that has pre-requisites, you will need to demonstrate via your transcript that you have already followed and completed modules with a similar subject content at your home university.

Additional modules:Talent Development Centre

SK202, British Society and Culture provides a comprehensive introduction to Britain, including politics, media, culture, philosophy, art, literature, film, music and theatre.

Undergraduate Writing Skills for the Humanities and Social Sciences is specifically designed to help you master the requirements of academic writing at university, this practical course will help you through every stage of assignment writing and help you produce your best work.

Entry Requirements

English language

IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5. in each component or TOEFL overall score 76 with 17 in listening, 18 in reading, 20 in speaking and 17 in writing.

Academic requirements

We don't have any academic entry requirements, you'll just need to send us a recent transcript of your results.

How to apply 


The application process is the same whether you come from one of our partner universities (.pdf) or not. If English isn't your first language then you will be required to provide an English language certificate.

Incoming exchange students

You must be nominated by your home university. Once we’ve received the list of nominees from our partners, we will send you the link to our application form.

Incoming study abroad students

Please contact us to access the application link.

Application deadline

  • For entry at the start of the Autumn Term apply by 31 May
  • For entry at the start of January apply by 1 November

Supporting documents

As well as filling in the relevant forms you will also be asked to provide digital copies of your supporting documents:

  • a copy of your transcript
  • English language certificate (if English is not your first language)
  • a copy of the information page of your passport
  • a copy of one of the following: learning agreement, training agreement or research plan (the learning agreement will be sent to you by Essex Abroad)

Skills support

Developing your skills

You can also enhance your English language competency while studying with us:

Languages for all

If you're studying with us for a full academic year, there are a range of ways to learn a language at Essex available.


What our students say...

"I feel like a member of Essex, although for the first weeks I did get a little lost around the campus! I like the close relationship between teachers and students, it's different to my home University. I am able to meet with my teachers before handing in assignments and get advice from them. My First semester passed so quickly but I've had a really great time at Essex."
Misako Niiyama Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan 2017

Fees and funding

Tuition fees

If you're a student at one of our partner universities (.pdf) or your university has an Erasmus+ agreement with us, you won't have to pay tuition fees to Essex.

Please note: You must be studying in the discipline in which the Erasmus+ agreement is held in order to be eligible. If you're not a student at a partner university or Erasmus+ student then our tuition fees are as follows:

Non-EU Students


  • Full year: £12,250
  • Autumn Term only: £5,150
  • Spring and Summer Terms only: £7,100

How to apply

  • Your University will need to nominate you for the grant, please contact your study abroad co-ordinator for details on how to be considered for nomination.
  • Once nominated the University of Essex will send you documents detailing the amount you will receive and the method of payment, please sign and return these to the Essex Abroad office prior to your visit.
  • Upon arrival at the University of Essex, you will need to bring in your passport and travel documents to the Essex Abroad Office and a cashier’s cheque in GBP stirling will then be issued to you for your grant.

For more information please email us.

EU student


  • Full year: £9,250
  • Autumn Term only: £4,150
  • Spring and Summer Terms only: £5,100

Loyalty discount

If you enjoy studying here and want to return in the future, you could be eligible for a 10% discount on the tuition fee for the first year of your Masters degree with our loyalty discount.


When you apply for a UK Tier 4 student visa, you'll need to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds in place to cover your tuition fees and living costs. The amount of money you must have available for living expenses depends on the length of your course. You'll also need to ensure you budget enough money for living costs in addition to your tuition fees.


Students here for a full year

If you're here for a full year, you are eligible for University accommodation, provided that you apply by the accommodation guarantee deadline.

You don't need to apply through the main accommodation system on the page above. We'll send you an accommodation booking form when you are accepted on the programme. Any preferences expressed on your booking form will be met where possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

Students here for a term

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate students studying here for one term and you will need to find your own off-campus accommodation. We will send you a list of resources to aid your search when you are accepted onto the programme.

Your university accommodation

If you are offered accommodation, it will be in single study-bedroom which will normally be on-campus. The majority of the accommodation provided is in flats or houses and kitchen facilities are shared. Over 59% of accommodation has en-suite facilities. It is possible to request a room in a single-sex flat or house and if you would prefer this, please tick the relevant box on the form that we send you.

Find out more about our university student residences.

Off-campus accommodation

We can't advise you on off-campus accommodation. The Students' Union provides a property finding service, SU Homes, which specialises in helping students secure local, private accommodation. All the properties they work with in Colchester are accredited by Colchester Borough Council. Options range from rooms in shared houses, to living with host families to letting an entire house.