Our brand hierarchy and toolkits

Our brand hierarchy – or ‘brand architecture’ – is the building plan for creating a strong brand.

How we use it

We are a complex organisation with many different entities, from academic departments and research centres to a four-star hotel, all engaging with a variety of audiences.

So to allow each of these divisions to position themselves effectively in their respective fields and simultaneously share common elements of the Essex brand, we follow a brand architecture system.

This defines the relationship between the different areas of the University – how they connect, how they are different, and how they are presented to the outside world – within a considered visual hierarchy, ensuring our audiences can quickly and easily identify communications from the University.

How we're structured

Find out about how our brand is structured including information about our 'one University' approach.

Audience-specific toolkits

In a small number of instances, more refined audience-specific toolkits are allowed to communicate more effectively with the audience:


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