Our Essex personality

Essex provides a home for the tenacious, the bold, the inquisitive and those impatient for change.

People who care about equality, social and environmental justice, and who believe we can do things better. Essex spirit is rooted in radical innovation; it drives us to explore the spaces between boundaries; to be freer, more daring and more experimental.

Essex spirit is our take on the world; it drives us to do things differently, to ask challenging questions, to break intellectual boundaries and to extend the frontiers of knowledge.

Essex is the place for people who want change; to speak up and speak out; who don’t just learn how but ask why. We value different opinions but take responsibility and action where we see injustice.

We know we can’t always control what is thrown at us, or the world at large, but we can choose how we react and learn to look for the opportunities from any difficulties; learn from our mistakes; and take comfort and give comfort to the people around us. At Essex we weather the storm together, secure in the knowledge that we have the tenacity, creativity and flexibility to adapt and respond to change.

Our Essex spirit is all about authenticity and real-world grit.

Student chalking the Colchester Campus steps for Human Rights Week

Image: This image of a student chalking the Colchester Campus steps for Human Rights Week is an example of the Essex Spirit.

Community of members

When you join Essex, you join for life. You become part of our global family and part of our amazing, creative, diverse community. A community that is engaged and kind, and where everyone is equal.

Our Essex community reached far beyond the boundaries of our campuses. We recognise our role in the local, regional and wider community and are committed to making sure we have a positive impact on these communities.

We support each other; we live and learn together; we disagree agreeably; and we develop interests and embrace values that change our lives and careers forever.

From current students through to our global alumni network and research/industries links, by working together we are stronger and can achieve much more, we can shape lives and the world around us – for the better.

People enjoying multicultural celebrations

Image: People enjoying multicultural celebrations.

Global outlook, partnership and impact

Essex provides an intimate but global setting: fusing ideas, culture and a breadth of perspectives, with internationalism at the heart of everything we do. We know whoever you are and whatever you do – to succeed and contribute – you need a global view; an understanding of different people, cultures and ways of looking at the world.

We engage with research and education from every corner of the earth. Research that matters, that makes a difference to the world today and shapes a sustainable tomorrow. Our research informs our education and makes sure we are active, empathetic, and entrepreneurial and engaged global citizens.

Students gathering on campus with large banner Essex is proud of our global family with the words - Essex is proud of our global family

Image: Student gathering on campus with large banner “Essex is proud of our global family.

Research mindset and skills

At Essex you will help define the next generation of challenges, set agendas for addressing enduring and emerging questions, lead the advancement of knowledge and develop innovative applications and ideas for the benefit of people, the environment, communities and society. Our research has an impact on the world – it matters.

Inspiring curiosity is profound in creating positive change. At Essex, our students partner with academics, informing, taking part in and doing research that drives progress. We are nurturing the next generation of researchers. Researchers who will solve real world problems. Our students and graduates take their inquisitive nature out into the world. Undertaking roles which make a difference and creating the global businesses and industries, communities and societies of the future.

We provide a nurturing home for transformational research that shapes the world and the way we live. By being part of our research community today, you will help fix what is broken and lay the foundations to define and build a better, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Exterior of Albert Sloman Library

Image: Sir Albert Sloman Library.

Our attitude and how we behave

Our attitude and how we behave are described in four principles.

These are not key messages for external audiences, but they distill the essence of our approach, and what we say and do.

Confidence and pride

We are proud, honest and clear about who we are and what we stand for. We know Essex isn’t for everyone. We want to attract students, staff and partners who share our ambition, passion and pride.

Ambition and creativity

We are creative in everything we do and try to bridge the gap between ambition and resources. We don’t say no –we think how. We take risks, and we are happy to stand out from the pack. Instead of asking ‘have we gone too far?’ we ask ‘is there more we can do?’. We won’t always get things right first time and not everyone is going to love us. That is OK.

Willingness to overcommit

We want the way we do things and the way our stakeholders experience Essex to define us. We will always go further, try harder, and fully commit. We want to be known for and defined by the excellence of our student experience and the relevance and excellence of our research.

Go boldly

We look at how we can do things differently, look for new ideas and don’t just stick to tried and tested methods. We look for a new angle and find something unique in what we’re offering now.

How we speak - our tone of voice

Unless you’re in marketing or communications, you might be wondering what a tone of voice is. Firstly, don’t worry – it’s a lot easier to get your head around than you might think.

Things like our Essex spirit and our personality attributes help us define who we are as an organisation. Our voice is much simpler – it’s just what we sound like when we speak.

Our tone can change depending on who we’re speaking to. So if you’re writing a very serious announcement, it’s OK to dial down the attitude.

We've summed it up in one phrase

Our writing style is a result of who we are as an organisation, so it helps if you take some to time to understand our Essex story and our personality. But for everyday writing there’s only one thing you need to remember...WRITE BOLDLY.

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