60th Anniversary PowerPoint template

These templates are solely for use where it is appropriate to add the 60th celebration message to your presentation.

The templates provide you with maximum flexibility so that your presentations communicate effectively with your audience, as well as being accessibility compliant.

For further advice on:

please refer to our guidance on our standard PowerPoint template.

Using our special 60th anniversary templates

  1. Download the template:
  2. Open up the template
  3. Read the guidance slides and delete once read
  4. Select the Insert tab
  5. Select the New Slide button
  6. Select a slide layout, eg 'Title Slide – Picture Background’

Please note due to the similarity of our approved logo lock-ups for EBS and Essex Sport and the 60th anniversary logo with strapline, we are not having a special anniversary template for these departments. The 60th anniversary message is for the whole university and not 60 years of an individual department.

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