Our 'one University' approach

We have a ‘one University’ approach this means that we present a single, overarching brand and the use of sub-brands and associated logos is not allowed.

That’s because in our increasingly global and highly competitive sector, it is essential - and in everyone’s interests – for all our communications to be easily identifiable and recognised internationally as the University of Essex.

By appearing consistently ‘Essex branded’ our work benefits from being instantly recognisable.

Faculties, schools, departments, services, centres or institutes should always be clearly identified as being part of the University of Essex and so do not have their own logos.

Within our system, there is the flexibility to allow for individual expression of identity without different logos or visual identities. In any promotional materials, names are always shown in plain, stylised text.

Our ‘one University’ approach was agreed by USG (University Steering Group) in December 2009.

This is so that nothing eclipses the University of Essex ‘parent brand’ and we can maximise and leverage our brand equity.

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