Getting approved logo files

If you are creating promotional material, this should be done by a design professional through CDS who hold all our logo files. Alternatively, our branded templates already include our logo.

If you need the logo to send to a third party/institution you are collaborating with, we can issue the logo (along with associated guidelines for use) direct to that institution. Please contact the Brand team, emailing

In return as a condition of use, we require you to request a backlink from the third party’s website to, as this will help boost our search engine optimisation (SEO) and therefore our page rankings and overall visibility on Google.

At-a-glance guide to using the logo

Full logo usage guidelines

Our logos require size limits and safe areas to guard them from being poorly reproduced, unrecognisable, illegible or obscured.

Our logo lock-up

We recognise that in some cases, it may be appropriate for a particular unit to be more identifiable within the University structure. Our logo lock-up can also link the University with other organisations in a partnership or relationship connected to a common product/service.

Separate logos

Having your own logo will never be as recognisable as the Essex brand.

Third-party logos

Essex works with many partners and organisations in a number of ways. From research projects and collaborations, to events and campaigns. It is in the interests of all parties to be represented properly and for the relationship to be clear in the minds of our audiences.

Find out about working with partners, branding research projects and expiry dates for logo use.

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