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Dental Therapist Reskill Module
15 credits
Level 6
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 Increasingly, the skills of dental therapists are being acknowledged as a valuable part of the skill mix structure for the delivery of oral health care in the UK.

Whilst many dental care professionals possess a joint dental hygiene and dental therapy qualification, some do not have the opportunity to practise the skills of a dental therapist in their workplace.

This module enables you to consolidate your existing dental therapy skills to a level of contemporary competence and develop your knowledge so that it is consistent with that of a practising dental therapist. The module will provide you with the expertise to practice with confidence, compassion and professionalism.

The module is taught 1 day per week over 20 weeks within one of the specially designed university dental skills laboratories.

The Academic Dental Clinic where the module is based is located on Bromley Road, Colchester, CO4 3JE.

Learning outcomes

After this module you will:

  • appreciate and be competent at the clinical skills required of a dental therapist working in contemporary dental practice in the UK
  • have a critical understanding of current UK policy in relation to dental therapy practice
  • be able to critically reflect upon your own strengths and weaknesses.

Our expert staff

The module is taught by clinical experts in the field of oral health science, including dentists, dental hygienists and therapists covering theoretical teaching, demonstration and teaching of clinical skills using simulation.

Entry Requirements

- Evidence of possession of a qualification recognised by the GDC as sufficient to permit registration with them as a dental therapist, OR - A GDC assessment letter indicating the learning outcomes that they require you to meet for registration with them as a dental therapist


Module Outline

The module consists of taught sessions by our University of Essex oral health science academic team (which includes dentists and dental therapists) and covers theoretical teaching, demonstration and teaching of clinical skills using simulation in our state of the art dental skills facilities. The module includes the following content: - Rationale for restoring teeth. - Development of enamel and dentine caries. - Principles of cavity design and concepts of minimally invasive dentistry. - Caries identification and the role of radiographs. - Root caries. - Pulpal pathology and the clinical practice of pulpal management. - Dental impressions; purpose, problems, techniques, manipulation of biomaterials. - Fissure sealant and sealant restorations. - Dental materials. - Restoring occlusal and approximal cavities in posterior teeth. - Restoring approximal cavities in anterior teeth. - Failure of restorations and recurrence of disease. - Restoring buccal cavities. - Developing diagnostic skills. - Managing caries in the deciduous dentition. - Local Analgesia. - Preformed crowns. - Management of deciduous pulps. - Extraction techniques. - Management of dental injuries and incisal edge restoration.

Assessment strategy

Assessment of progress of skills acquisition is through the use of a student portfolio. Academic staff will assess development of underpinning knowledge and provide developmental feedback throughout the duration of the programme.

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