Research topic

Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Mental health is more than the absence of mental health disorders or mental illness, it encompasses our social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. It is a significant contributor to disability and has long-term impacts on physical health and quality of life, which are amplified by social inequalities. Facilitated by interdisciplinary perspectives, our research focuses on understanding mental health across the life course; prevention, intervention, and treatment; and developing novel supports and services for implementation in social and community care. We also work closely with external partners in government and health care delivery to ensure research is supporting the most pressing local, regional, and national needs for supporting and optimising mental health.

Research projects


Everyday Stress Response Targets in the Science of Behavior Change (QUINCE)

Project aims: To use smartphone-based EMA data capture, to:

  1. define and test optimal stress response targets that drive important health behaviours (sleep, physical activity)
  2. develop just-in-time, ideographically tailored interventions targeting these stress components to improve health behaviours in daily life.

Team members

An examination of perfectionism and performance on the development of a mental health problem

Project aims: To investigate the impact performance has on individuals' mental health and well-being, with special focus on burnout.