Research Projects

Monitoring and controlling of pumps based on telemetry and artificial intelligence

Principal Investigator
Professor Hani Hagras

This project takes on the development of the next generation in building service pump controllers, by incorporating telemetry, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve pump efficiency, and allow the unit to diagnose potential faults before a breakdown occurs.

It aims at using Internet of Things (IoT) and AI to predict equipment failure, giving the company time to carry out early maintenance procedures which will alleviate the damaging economics of unplanned downtime.

To address the problem, the IoT platform captures data from the deployed sensors and transmits it to a cloud server.

A data collection scheme is also developed to provide reliable data transmission through secure channels. On the other hand, the AI algorithms predict the condition of the pumps and suggest a corrective action to enhance operational efficiency.

The system would be also able to assist AGM plc to understand and predict a variety of risks as well as automate rapid response.


This project is run in partnership with local Essex business AGM plc.