Rent charges for University Square

Discover our rent charges for students living at University Square.

Please note that contract lengths vary in line with course dates, however all courses in Southend are a minimum of 42 weeks.

Check your offer letter for details of your course duration.

University Square

2024-25 rates

Applicable for all new students from April 2024.

  • Single ensuite room - £165.48 per week
  • Self-contained studio - £204.12 per week

New student 3 year deal 2024-25

If you are a new undergraduate student for the 2024-25 academic year and want to secure accommodation for the duration of your course, then you now have the option to select a 3 year accommodation contract, when you apply.

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2023-24 rates

 Applicable for all new students from April 2023.

Our rental rates at University Square will again remain the same, for the 3rd consecutive year.

  • Single ensuite - £152.67 per week
  • Self-contained studio - £188.30 per week
  • Self-contained apartment - £208.25 per week

New student Promotional deal for 2023-24

If you are a new student for 2023-24, you can now take advantage of our 3 year Southend Campus deal offering a 10% rent reduction for each of the 3 years, plus free summer storage for your belongings. 

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New Southend students 3 year accommodation deal 2024-25

This deal offers our lowest rent in Southend, and a significant saving on your total rent. In addition we're offering free summer vacation storage for your belongings. 

About the deal

New students studying at Southend in 2024 are invited to apply for our three-year accommodation deal.

This deal offers our lowest rent in Southend and a significant saving on your total rent for that period. 


By selecting the 3 year deal, you benefit from:

  • Rent fixed at the 2024-25 rate for the duration of the 3 years, so no rent increases
  • Free storage of your belongings in the summer (of years 1 and 2) as you keep the same room
  • Option to book summer vacation accommodation, in your room, at your current rent rate


The 3 year deal is not available for studios.

If you would like to take advantage of this new 3 year deal, then select the option when completing your accommodation application. Rooms are limited and are subject to availability.

This offer means that you are guaranteed accommodation in your second and third year.

Your summer vacation period is determined by your allocation period, which is based on the dates of your course; therefore the summer vacation period may vary between students on different courses. The dates of your allocation period can be found on your offer letter or letter of allocation.

If you need the dates for your summer vacation period before you receive an offer letter, contact our Student Services Hub.

How to apply

Applications will open in January 2024. When you apply, please select the three-year option on the application form.

Upon completion and submission of your application form, and provided you have met the required criteria, you will receive an online offer including your two or three-year contract and year one room allocation.

Full details of your year two room allocation will be provided as soon as it is available.


Studio accommodation

The deal is only for en suite accommodation and is not available for studios. If you want to apply to live in a studio you should apply as normal for your first year, and then separately for the second year.

Part-year Essex abroad students 2024-25

Students who opt to study for part of the year, such as EU Exchange students, are eligible to apply for University accommodation. The weekly rent charged, however, will be higher than for students who are accommodated for the full year to take account of the periods when the rooms are not let.

  • Ensuite room - £173.81 per week
  • Studio - £214.34 per week
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