University Strategy 2019-25

2.4 Transformational Environments

Coral in the Red Sea

2.4.1 Our success in realising our ambitions for transformational education and research is rooted in the environments in which we live, learn and work, and powered and enabled by the services we deliver for the University community. 

2.4.2 We will develop creative and scalable, streamlined and efficient, intelligent and supportive services, to meet the needs of a community of around 20,000 students and 1,000 researchers in 2025. This will be achieved through creative partnerships across our sections and departments and with our students. We will be agile in seeking out opportunities to innovate, to harness the power of new ideas and knowledge and to identify the most effective ways of realising our ambitions. 

2.4.3 People are at the heart of our services: our dedicated and professional teams will identify, develop, implement, refine and deliver highly-functioning services and systems that meet the needs of staff and students by creating the environments in which transformational education and research can flourish.