University Strategy 2019-25

2.3 Transformational innovation and enterprise

2.3.1 Our Essex Spirit is founded on a commitment to ‘radical innovation’, to be ‘freer, more daring, more experimental’ in meeting the challenges and needs of each generation, including the needs of industry. Inspired by our inquisitive and ambitious Essex Spirit, our students and staff will collaborate with and be responsive to the needs of industry, enterprise and employers, aligning our students’ learning and experiences with current, emerging and future needs and opportunities and sharing the benefits of our transformational research and education with communities beyond our campuses.

2.3.2 As an innovation and enterprise ecosystem, our Knowledge Gateway offers a unique opportunity to benefit people and communities through entrepreneurship and enterprise. We will continue to develop the Knowledge Gateway to enable easy access to the knowledge base, talent pipeline and research and development expertise of the University. 

2.3.3 Partnerships between our tenants, researchers, educators and students across the University’s disciplines and departments will enable us to support social, commercial and cultural entrepreneurship, to engage our local and regional communities in the research and education mission of the University, to share our facilities and to collaborate on programmes of innovation and enterprise that benefit people and communities, globally, nationally and regionally.