1. Support staff and students to co-produce relevant, responsive and inclusive curricula that offer a diverse range of learning opportunities and that are agile, responsive to current issues/emerging challenges and designed to meet the needs, interests, learning styles, aspirations and backgrounds of our student community.
  2. Offer students the opportunity to develop their Essex education, harnessing the power of our intellectual assets, discipline mix and interdisciplinary strengths, and adopting a rounded approach that prepares our students to be innovative, entrepreneurial change-makers.
  3. Encourage and enable our students to collaborate with communities and social enterprises to develop projects or ventures that create social benefit.
  4. Realise the opportunities to meet the needs and aspirations of students and graduates through innovative approaches to learning, including where appropriate blended learning, flexible and accelerated degrees, and flexible opportunities for students and graduates to accumulate credit.
  5. Draw on and extend our distinctive discipline mix and capabilities and our unique research assets to define research challenges, set agendas, lead the advancement of knowledge and respond to enduring and emerging challenges.
  6. Collaborate with partners who share our values and commitment to improving people’s lives to develop innovative programmes of study and research and to promote intellectual exchange, inter-disciplinarity and openness, guided by principles of open science, transparency and intellectual honesty.
  7. Work in partnership with Knowledge Gateway tenants to drive innovation and enterprise in our region, to showcase the University’s research strengths and contributions as a national leader in innovation and the application of knowledge to business and enterprise (including social enterprise), and to scale the range of opportunities for students and staff across our range of disciplines to contribute to and benefit from the success of the Knowledge Gateway.
  8. Continue to develop the networks, strategic partnerships and communication channels that connect our research and education base with our user communities, including industry, enterprise, government, policy, public sector and third sector users, to maximise the effectiveness and impact of our research and education in improving people’s lives.
  9. Develop professional services that are creative, scalable, streamlined and efficient, and optimised to provide education and research services to a community of about 20,000 students and 1,000 researchers in 2025.
  10. Review, refine, develop and create seamless systems and processes to support, inform and prompt decision making, monitor their impact, effectiveness and efficiency and listen and respond to feedback from partners and users.