University Strategy: Communities

3.1 Nurturing our living and learning communities

3.1.1 Albert Sloman said, “A university should, I believe, provide an experience of living as well as an opportunity for learning.” We will work in partnership with our students and the Students’ Union to create living and learning communities, both campus-based and communities of interest, shaped around our students’ needs, ambitions and ideas.

3.1.2 We will provide a transformational student experience by scaling the range of opportunities for students to apply their learning, to discover their Essex Spirit and to develop and practice the capabilities to put their ideas into action for the benefit of people and communities. 

3.1.3 We will celebrate the diversity of our students and staff, nurturing communities of belonging in which all are accepted without exception, and promoting inclusion, well-being, resilience and empowerment to enable every member of the University to achieve their full potential.