1. Create living and learning communities that foster students and staff to feel a sense of belonging, inclusion, well-being, resilience and empowerment. We will work in collaboration with our students and the Students’ Union to shape our communities around our students’ needs, ambitions and ideas and to nurture the strengths, capabilities and experiences that our students bring to Essex.
  2. Enhance our support for students’ future lives, careers and learning by scaling the range of opportunities for students to apply their learning, including the integration of experiential, work-related, employer-engaged and entrepreneurial learning in the curriculum.
  3. Provide opportunities for our alumni to participate in our living and learning communities, nurturing their continuing sense of belonging on our campuses and providing opportunities for alumni to support the advancement of the University through philanthropy, to share their experiences with students and staff, to contribute to the University’s mission in education and research and to continue their learning journey with Essex as they progress through the multiple transitions of their future lives and careers.
  4. Ensure that our campuses are equipped with world class education and research infrastructure, including teaching and learning spaces that are designed and equipped to enable our ambitions for transformative education, appropriate and flexible facilities and equipment for research and shared open spaces for community, collaboration and chance encounters.
  5. Ensure that our natural, built, digital and social environments promote connections, community and innovation across departments and sections of the University through collaborative and agile working, across and through existing boundaries, a culture of empowerment, responsibility and mutual trust, and by supporting wellbeing, motivation and effectiveness.
  6. Develop the networks, strategic partnership and communication channels that connect our research base with our user communities (including industry, enterprise, government, policy, public sector and third sector users), harnessing the power of co-production to maximise the effectiveness of our research outputs in improving people’s lives.
  7. Be a catalyst for international, national and regional research and development by scaling the range of opportunities for researchers to connect with collaborators and communities of practice, globally and locally, and nurturing partnerships that advance the quality, profile and visibility of our transformative research and education.
  8. Continue to connect our alumni with the University and each other to celebrate their Essex Spirit and its impact on people and communities, locally and globally.
  9. Promote the opportunities that the University’s investments in the Knowledge Gateway and in building strong partnerships with others who share our values have created for businesses, industry and regional development partnerships to access knowledge and innovation through partnerships with our staff and students and to realise economic growth, increased productivity and social benefit for our region.
  10. Engage with the local communities in which the University and its campuses are located, including their related public authorities and our local schools, to make the most of the opportunities provided for students and staff from within these communities, and, through the benefit that flows back into our local communities to maximise the opportunities that these partnerships provide for the work of the University to have impact in the world.