University strategy: Communities

3.3 The Impact of our Essex Spirit

International students with their countries flags

3.3.1 We will nurture and promote our impact, reputation and standing, to ensure that the University of Essex is recognised globally and nationally for the quality, profile and visibility of our transformational research and education and for the benefit we create for people and communities. 

3.3.2 We will lead research programmes of global and national importance, harnessing the knowledge base of the University to make the world a better place. We will support our students and graduates to apply their Essex Spirit for the benefit of people and communities. We will celebrate the successes of our alumni, their global impact, and the inspiration they give to our current and future students.   

3.3.3 Albert Sloman said: “A great University has a lot to give to its community.” We will work closely with people and organisations who share our values to maximise our impact as a world-class University committed to creating global and local benefit. We will work with strategic partners in schools, businesses, industry, cultural organisations, local authorities and public services to advance the quality, profile and visibility of our transformative research and research-led education, and to ensure that the work of the University has a positive impact in the world around us. 

'A great university has a lot to give it its community.'
Sir Albert Sloman Our First Vice Chancellor