The THINK series

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The THINK series is a cornerstone of the Essex Education. Engaging with the critical issues of the day is one of the things that makes Essex students unique. At Essex we encourage critical, innovative and forward thinking. Our award-winning THINK series is rebellious and revolutionary. We engage with controversial issues that cross disciplines and discuss the issues and moral dilemmas that really matter.

Open to all, each debate welcomes a panel of guest speakers to introduce their views before the floor is opened for discussion. From sex work to climate change and from capitalism to global population, nothing is off limits. Having won the Guardian award for Student Experience in 2016, our THINK series continues to challenge convention at every opportunity. 

The THINK series is Essex. Are you?


“THINK debates address controversial topics. The debate format is intended to provide a forum in which controversial claims can be challenged and contested. The views expressed in THINK debates are those of the speakers; they should not be understood to represent the views of the organisers or hosts or of the University of Essex.”

Some debates will cover topics and issues that some students may find disturbing. If you are affected by any of the debates, our Health and Wellbeing Services can provide help and support.