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The THINK series is a cornerstone of the Essex Education. Engaging with the critical issues of the day is one of the things that makes Essex students unique. At Essex we encourage critical, innovative and forward thinking. Our award-winning THINK series is rebellious and revolutionary. We engage with controversial issues that cross disciplines and discuss the issues and moral dilemmas that really matter. The THINK series is Essex. Are you?

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Spring Term 2021

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Autumn Term 2020


Award winning

Our THINK Series won the Guardian University Award for Student Experience 2016.

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  • Porn Stars Speak! Voices from inside the porn industry : Vex Ashley and Samantha Bentley
  • Black Lives Matter : Wail Qasim and Tony Sewell
  • The Gender Agenda : Helen Lewis and Jack Monroe
  • Extremism, Radicalisation and the Politics of Hate : Matthew Collins, Abi Wilkinson and Haydar Zaki
  • Refugees : Nina Murray and Martha Harding
  • The War on the War on Drugs : Jason Reed, Neil Woods and Anne-Marie Cockburn
  • Workplace Sexism : Shami Chakrabarti and Cathy Newman


  • Should sex work be decriminalised? : Laura Lee
  • Political violence or peaceful protest? : Jo Berry and Pat Magee
  • Closing the borders? Migration in Britain : Steve Woofle, Sir Bob Russell and Johnathan Portes
  • Death penalty: Does it deter crime? : Ben Gunn and Oliver Robertson
  • Nothing to hide; nothing to fear: the balance between surveillance and privacy : Shami Charkrabarti and Julian Richards
  • The Syrian refugee crisis: What to do? : Maurice Wren, Maria Wilby and Abdul Razouk
  • War on drugs? Time for legislation? : Danny Kushlick