School of Biological Sciences


Events, seminars and conferences

We run an exciting schedule of events, seminars and conferences throughout the year.  

During term time we run a research seminar series. These seminars may be presented by one of our departmental staff, or an external speaker.

Our seminars for autumn term 2018 are;

Thursday 15 November - Are we ready for the in vitro/in silico revolution in aquatic ecotoxicology?

Thursday 22 November - Unravelling the logic of gene regulation by distal DNA elements

Thursday 13 December - GLP-1 receptor trafficking, signal bias and diabetes treatments


Our seminars for spring term 2019 are;

Thursday 28 February 2019 - Iron-sulfer cluster proteins as biological switches


Our conferences include: 

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Modern Slavery Conference
GLP-1 receptor trafficking, signal bias and diabetes treatments
Statistical scalability of approximate likelihood inference