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Academic Staff

Alison Rowlands
Professor, Department of History
Research interests: The history of the German, former imperial city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and its rural hinterland, with particular focus on witchcraft, magic, gender, crime, midwifery, religion and the Reformation, prostitution, and the Thirty Years War; The history of gender, with particular focus on masculinity in early modern Germany; The history of witchcraft, magic and witch-persecution in early modern Germany, England, and Europe I am especially interested in these histories in the local contexts of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Franconia in Germany, and Essex and East Anglia in England; The ways in which early modern witch trials are remembered and commemorated in modern culture;
Beatriz De Paiva
Senior Lecturer, Department of Language and Linguistics
Research interests: Intercultural and Interlanguage Pragmatics (pragmatic aspects of conversational interactions between native and non-native speakers); Pragmatics in language teaching; Pragmatics in translation;
Carlos Gigoux Gramegna
Lecturer, Department of Sociology
Research interests: Human Rights; Indigenous Peoples; Sustainable Development; Social Movements; Refugees;
Claudia Alsdorf
Senior Lecturer, Department of Language and Linguistics
Research interests: language and identity (cultural transfer issues); the performance aspect of interpreting; the use of poetry in language teaching; using portfolio assessment to develop transferable skills for the job market; intensive language learning strategies including multisensory language training;
Ignazia Posadinu
Senior Lecturer, Department of Language and Linguistics
Research interests: Blended Learning; Technology and language learning; Computer aided translation and interpreting; Audiovosual translation;
John Haynes
Lecturer, Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
Research interests: Interdisciplinary, theoretical and practitioner perspectives on Film and History; Practice as Research; Cinema and social change; films and social justice activism; films as producers of histories; Soviet and Russian Cinema, especially Stalinism and Film; Independent cinema in the United States; 1968 campus activism;
Lawrence Ezrow
Head of Department - Professor (R), Department of Government
Research interests: political representation; parties' election strategies; political institutions;
Marios Koutsias
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Company Law; Corporate Governance; Comparative Company Law; European Union Law with a special emphasis on the Internal Market; Privacy and Data Protection;
Michael Tymkiw
Senior Lecturer, School of Philosophy and Art History
Research interests: Spectatorship; Histories of modernism; Exhibition design and curation; The relationship between art and politics; The use of digital technologies in museums and galleries; Intersections between pre-modern and modern art;
Natasha Ruiz-Gomez
Senior Lecturer, School of Philosophy and Art History
Research interests: Art and science/medicine; Auguste Rodin's oeuvre; Nineteenth-century French sculpture; Architecture and urban planning in nineteenth-century Paris; Auguste Rodin and science; Jean-Martin Charcot and art; Objectivity and medical imagery; Medical portraiture; Nineteenth-century medical photography; Theories of degeneration and genius;
Yasemin Soysal
Professor, Department of Sociology
Research interests: Citizenship and Nation-state; National and Transnational; Transnationalization of Higher Education; International Migrations; Human Rights; Regional Integration (Europe and East Asia);